Coming To A Church Near You

Once upon a time, long, long ago, when the earth had just begun to cool and I had begun to study theology at New College, the University of Edinburgh, I was a theological liberal. Admittedly it was only in a wishy washy Church of Scotland way, more a matter of not believing in things rather than in the hard core conviction that the orthodox faith must be destroyed and rebuilt in the image of David Jenkins, John Spong et al.

This changed, and my modest claim to fame today is that I am one of the few people whom New College turned into an evangelical.

After a couple of terms, as one would expect, I began to be more aware theologically and have a greater understanding of the range of theological opinions out there. Thus far New College was doing its job in awakening intellectual curiosity.

What changed things radically was that I began to be aware of where my theological stance led. There was one lecturer in particular, a very able man in his field, but it rapidly became apparent that he had only the most tenuous personal grasp of the truth of anything he taught. It was then that I  realised that if soft liberal theological presuppositions were followed with any intellectual rigour  to their logical conclusion that this is where they ended up, in unbelief.

Shock tactics perhaps but if there are any thinking of taking that first tentative step down the road to theological revisionism just have a look at this video from the latest General Assembly of the PCUSA and see where you might end up.

Watch, wonder and shudder. This could be coming to a church near you, unless we are very, very careful.


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