Religion At The Heart of The Big Society

How has this come about?

We find David Cameron endorsing the pope’s call for religion to have a revived role in the public square in Britain.

Cameron who describes himself as having ‘a sort of fairly classic Church of England faith, a faith that grows hotter and colder by moments’ said: ‘You have really challenged the whole country to sit up and think, and that can only be a good thing.’ He further asserted that religion was at the heart of ‘the new culture of social responsibility we want to build in Britain’, a clear reference to his ‘Big Society.’

Would it be cynical to think this could be because the visit of the pope revealed that there is a large sector of the population of Britain which is receptive to the presentation of an uncompromising Christianity?

Can it be too much now to expect that ordinary, everyday, bog standard Christians who express the same views on social matters as the pope would cease to be harassed on charges of homophobia and islamophobia?

We note that no mention was made of which religion. Perhaps that might have alienated certain sections of the electorate.


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