Questions on Homosexuality

I want to thank Robin for getting right to the heart of many of the problems Christians face with regard to social issues. In his comment on ‘Ask the Church?’ he asks some pertinent questions. I quote his comment verbatim:

“I am no great theologian and I want to be educated in this.

I am aware that in Leviticus that homosexuality was punishable by death but so was eating Shrimps.

We allow ourselves to eat shrimps because one man, Peter, had a dream, after Jesus entering his kingdom and it is not a part of Jesus’s teachings per se.

Which seems a radically easy way of over turning a centuries old rule.

What teaching in the new testament is for or against the homosexuality?”

We could encapsulate these in two questions:

1          What is the status of the New Testament, particularly those parts outwith the Gospels? Peter says he saw a vision, so what? Should this event 2000 years ago in Israel shape behaviour in 21st century Britain?

2          Does the New Testament have anything to say concerning homosexuality? If not, can followers of Jesus speak with any certainty on these matters?

I know from experience that Robin is not the only one asking these questions, not as challenges but as genuine enquiries.

How do you respond to them?


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