Political Correctness

Yesterday, in error, I posted on ‘Political Correctness.’ It was the first draft of a rant which needed a lot of work. This morning when I realised what I had done I pulled it. The resulting reaction from my ‘loyal’ readers? Dogs abuse.

So here it is again in all its unlovely, unpolished form –

I owe some gratitude to the politically correct for helping make Britain a more polite place where we are more sensitive to others. However political correctness sometimes departs from reality.

Heaven help whoever is sitting next to the pc at a football or rugby match. If somebody mentions their team “bombed” (warmongering pig!), or that the opposition “didn’t have a prayer” (keep your mediaeval superstition for the privacy of your own home, chum, we don’t all share your weird superstition!), “offside” (we shouldn’t be taking sides and penalising without carefully conducting a thorough background analysis first, and probably not even then!), boasting that your team “blitzed” the opposition (stop it with your hateful mocking, Bavariaphobe — not all Germans tried to level London!), “blind side” (because a team is visually disadvantaged due to various environmental and sociopolitical factors does not give you the right to denigrate them), or a “hand-off” (lepers have feelings tooooo!).


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