Sunday Snippet

The church today, and many of us as individuals, desperately need to learn this lesson. If grace does not make us like Christ in his compassion of men and women and young people who have never heard the gospel, then it is no more grace. How perverse Jonah was! Living in a favoured nation where spiritual light had shone only because of the great mercy of God, he had come to assume that Israel deserved grace, whereas others had ill-deserved it. What a perversion! Yet it lies like a hidden poison in the hearts of some of us who most fervently profess evangelical convictions. It is an unwritten rule in our hearts – others do not deserve the gospel, so why should we exhaust ourselves in taking it to them? Alas, when we think like that we show how little we know of our own need, how little we feel the judgment of God on our own lives, how little we really know of the grace of God!

Sinclair B Ferguson


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