Integrated Household Survey

I’m a bachelor this week as my wife is down in Devon, and today is my day off. Recently I was given a DVD of a series of The Wire I haven’t seen. Therefore, I have prepared a large pot of chilli, the ‘phone is off the hook, the doorbell will be ignored and as soon as this is posted the computer is switched off. Today is WireFest.

Before I indulge myself I would like to comment on the recent Integrated Household Survey in the UK. This, the largest such study ever carried out in the UK, reveals that male and female homosexuals  and bisexuals amount, at most, to 1.5% of the population. This is very different from the 6-7% usually claimed by Stonewall the homosexual campaign group.

More interesting is the proportion according to class distribution. Homosexuals were much more likely to be in managerial or professional occupations than heterosexual workers – 49.1% compared to 30.6%. Stonewall and other special interest groups put this down to working class people being more reticent and afraid to come out.

My parish is one of the most socially deprived in the country. Possilpark, Glasgow is the kind of place where if you see a man wearing a suit you automatically assume he has a court appearance due. One of the things I love about this place is that the people here tell it like it is and are never reticent about giving their opinion. Not for them circumlocution, the honeyed phrase, dressing things up, they are in your face about everything.

Stonewall’s depiction of the working class cowering in fear and trembling as they anxiously wait for their better educated big brothers in the middle class to make the running for them seems to owe more to middle class  metrosexual condescension than accurate analysis.

Perhaps the plain reading is correct; that homosexuality is less a given of nature and more of a lifestyle choice than they wish to admit.


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