Robin has raised some important issues in his comment on the Integrated Household Survey. Perhaps the most important is that homosexual activity is not the only sin. He rightly stresses the seriousness of the destruction of trust within a marriage by promiscuous behaviour of any type.

Like Robin I know homosexuals who give every appearance of being in stable, monogamous relationships. As he indicates, the fact that they are Christians may have a bearing upon the matter. Yes you can be a Christian and be an active homosexual, just as you can be a Christian and still commit, even habitually, other sins. None of us are free of fault.

Who commits the greater sin, the single heterosexual who sleeps around or the single homosexual who sleeps around?

Unfortunately, despite the pattern of our friend’s lives, homosexual monogamy is not the norm. Academic studies of sexual behaviour have consistently shown that sexual activity amongst male homosexuals is promiscuous.

A three year study completed in 2004 undertaken by a team led by professor Edward O. Laumann of the University of Chicago indicates that promiscuity is the norm amongst male homosexuals. According to the research, 87.8% have had more than 15 sexual partners, 61.3% have had more than 30 partners, and 18.4% have had up to 60 partners.

This activity pattern has varied very little over time. Saghir and Robbins Male and Female Homosexuality (1973) found that 50% of homosexuals over the age of 30 and 75% of those over 40 had experienced no relationship which lasted more than a year.

Jay and Young (1979) found that only 7% of male homosexuals had been in a relationship which lasted more than a ten years. 55% had never been in a relationship which lasted more than two years; 38% had never been in a relationship which lasted more than a year.

The reason given by homosexual advocates for the earlier findings was that social disapproval forced men to transient encounters.  We should note that the widespread acceptance of homosexual relationships in society has had little impact on homosexual promiscuity.


About Campbell

Now retired but once upon a time a parish minister in Glasgow, before that the South West and initially the Black Isle. Been a prison chaplain and lecturer. Still am constantly bemused by the weird world around me.
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