False Equivalency

Robin sent a very long comment on “Christian – Islam Equivalency.” Rather than merely including it in the comments section I have responded to it’s highlights with Robin’s contribution in brackets.

Robin – [What is a Christian Fundamentalist?

I think that definition can only be limited to someone who has strongly held belief, which has its roots somewhere in the religious texts of Christianity.

“Love thy God with all you heart, mind and strength and Love thy neighbour as yourself” is my type of Christian Fundamentalism and I believe is the widest expectation.]

Fundamentalism is a term which came into use in the early 20th century with the publication of a series of booklets written by a selection of theologians entitled The Fundamentals. These were written to defend basic Christian doctrines such as the deity of Christ and the virgin birth against those who would seek to dilute, modify and ultimately distort the Christian faith. Over the years, for sociological and political reasons, this has changed until today it means snake handlers in Tennessee, a term of abuse to be used against anyone venturing beyond an anything goes, liberal quasi-Christianity.

Robin’s definition would mean that every Christian was a fundamentalist. When a word means everything it means nothing. I’ll stick with the usual meaning, a gratuitous insult but it does mean something.

Robin – [However there are others the IRA and the UDP in Northern Ireland for example, were killing each other for decades.]

Can anyone seriously suggest that Gerry Adams and his ilk were motivated by a sincere love for the gospel and committed their atrocities in the name of Jesus? It can however be credibly suggested that Osama Bin Laden and his followers are motivated by a sincere love for Allah and commit their atrocities in the name of Islam. I keep saying it, there is no moral equivalence.

Robin – [So, I would be very cautious in saying Fundamentalist Christian should be trusted without question.]

Read the post, I quote – “I hold no brief for Christian fundamentalism, but to equate it with Muslim fundamentalism is a wicked and deliberate distortion.”

Robin – [The Jihad is a difficult subject and most Muslims do not believe that indiscriminate terrorism is the way. As many Muslims were a part of the target and killing each of those Muslims was a Muslim sin, which is a very negative way of condemning terrorism.]

Muslims murdered in the Twin Towers were seen either as guilty collaborators with the ‘Great Satan’ and worthy of death or, to use the ghastly phrase, ‘collateral damage.’

Robin – [The Koran is nowhere near as flexible or tolerant as Christianity. There are different values to different people from male Muslims to female Muslims to Christians and Jews and every one else might as well be an animal.]

In Lenin and Stalin’s USSR and Mao’s China class enemies were considered of less worth than the proletariat, and were murdered in their tens of millions. Hitler and his henchmen considered Jews to be less than others and disposed of them in their millions. To defend Islam by claiming it shares ideological propensities with the worst mass murderers in history hardly seems a good tactic.

The alarming rise in anti-Semitism in the UK can fairly be seen as paralleling the rise of Islam in Britain. As reported in the Times (7 Feb. 2006) it appears that close to half of British Muslims believe in a Jewish conspiracy that dominates UK media and politics. Anti-Semitic attacks in the first half of 2009 were double those of the same period in 2008.  According to official figures the percentage of Muslim perpetrators of violent anti-Semitic acts is nearly ten times greater than the Muslim percentage of the general population.

Christian doctrine on the other hand teaches us that we are all made in the image of God.

Robin – [Looking at some of the things our atheist/agnoistic/tribal neighbours do to each other they could well be and often are called animals. If you can show a muslim you have struggled to submit your life to God in the search of peace you will gain great respect.

Neither The World Trade Center, the IMF nor the World Bank have ever done that. They have through greed and more greed caused some good usually for our side of the bargain and huge suffering on the other, which is why I can understand why they were treated as animals.]

I hold even less of a brief for the World Trade Centre, IMF or World Bank than I do for Christian fundamentalism, nevertheless I do not think that gives me leave to murder their employees in their droves, whatever their faith or lack of it.

I say it again, there is no equivalency.


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