The Structure Collapses

“If you go down to the woods today you…” may be in for a nasty surprise. But don’t tell the police.

A new 60 page Hate Crime Guidance Manual has been issued by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland. Police officers are warned that they must not ignore doggers being abused or verbally taunted in any way, as it can cause them to suffer from post traumatic stress.

According to our Scottish police chiefs although “outdoor sex is unlawful”, people who go to public places to have sex with complete strangers are “susceptible to hate crime” and can suffer “post traumatic stress and depression” if they are abused by the public.

The 60-page guide states: “Whilst complaints regarding consensual public sex must be considered and responded to, it must also be noted that people engaging in such activity are potential targets for hate crime perpetrators.”

It seems doggers can be “reluctant to report victimisation in outdoor sex environments” and says this is “due to a misconception that the police will primarily be interested in why they were there, as opposed to tackling hate or prejudice motivated crime.”

Heaven forbid that people should have the “misconception” that Scottish police might be interested in people committing the crime of public indecency.

In England and Wales the Association of Chief Police Officers have also rewritten their guidance regarding “public sex environments”, adding that the policy aims to “improve our effectiveness and the quality of service provided by the police service when policing public sex environments.”

The policy covers “any open space, public or private that is habitually used for the purpose of engaging in consensual same sex and opposite sex, sexual activity”, including public toilets.

Although it somewhat grudgingly notes that outdoor sex can have an “impact on the quality of life of people using these locations for leisure pursuits” – for example parents taking their young children for a walk, the rights of those cottaging, cruising or dogging must be taken into account by officers.

One dogger, dubbed ” Bob the Builder” as he wears nothing but a hard hat, is a familiar sight at the Hog’s Back lay-by in Puttenham, near Guildford in Surrey – a popular location for people to have outdoor sex, and 400 yards from a primary school.


It all looks a bit draughty to me
Puttenham looks a bit draughty to me


Earlier this year it was disclosed that Surrey police spent £124.93 on tea, coffee and biscuits for doggers at this site in order to “build up trust” and encourage them to report “hate crimes”.

Isn’t society improved now that the repressive influence of Christianity is dying in Britain? Without it’s moral restrictions we are truly on our way to an open, guilt free, liberated society where people can express themselves as they wish, when they wish, and where they wish.

There are a few holdouts still clinging to the burdensome ways  of the past. Never fear, if they raise their heads our leading policemen are prepared to stamp out their ‘hate crimes’ of actually objecting to the public expression of indiscriminate sexuality.

Undermine the foundations and the structure collapses.


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