Mad Christians

Yesterday, after our Remembrance Day service, a member of the congregation handed me a clipping from the problem page of Thursday’s Daily Record. A concerned mother shared her worries over her daughter’s behaviour.

“I’m very worried about my 16 year old daughter since she got friendly with a girl at school whose father is a preacher with some Christian group.

“She goes to this church every week and has started dressing very modestly and moaning at us when we swear or do anything ‘immoral.’

“I’ve got nothing against religion, but don’t want my daughter turning into a mad Christian.”

Scotland today, a mother is “very worried” and asks for advice because her teenage daughter won’t dress like a slut or swear like a trooper.


2 thoughts on “Mad Christians

  1. I was surprised to read that a mother was worried her daughter was turning into “mad christian”, even with all the positive changes the mother has personally seen in the daughter’s life. I almost doubted the story and had to read it online at…/daughter-has-turned-into-mad-christian.html. However, I was pleased with the answer the blogger or columnist gave to this concerned mother. My question is: Where should the harvest starts from? – the young or old? Which generation needs the gospel most? Inasmuch as the seed must be sown well across, this article shows that if the older generation (parents) is not reached quickly with the truth of the gospel, they may prevent the younger generation (children) from accepting the message.

    The fields are indeed white and the harvest cannot wait any longer. Let’s therefore pray to the Lord of the harvest to send US (you and I), if He hasn’t sent us already.

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