Follow The Evidence

We poor Calvinists are scorned as the Eeyores of the ecclesiastical world. All because we believe in total depravity, too often misunderstood as being a belief in utter depravity. On the other hand progressives, theological as well as secular, believe in the perfectibility of man. There is a reason for this: Calvinists look at the evidence, progressives don’t.

The Happy Calvinist

With the demise of Christian faith something had to replace belief in God, into the breach stepped belief in man.

Calvinists don’t believe humans are basically evil, rather we believe we were made good but are now flawed. This is undoubtedly sad, but nevertheless a biblical and evidentiary fact which wishful thinking does not wash away. Nevertheless progressives find it difficult to acknowledge such facts and do try to explain them away.

Progressives tend to be unwilling to accept the sadness and pain recognition of reality creates. As a matter of dogma they believe people are basically good and perfectible and any evidence to the contrary is rejected. A recognition of reality would undermine the basic progressive dogma that individuals do bad things because of outside social forces such as poverty, racism, nationalism, capitalism, and very probably botulism.

The vast majority of terrorists who have destroyed aircraft and murdered thousands are young male Muslims. For the progressive anyone who recognises this fact is a racist and British society itself is supposedly racist because most Brits would be happy to have profiling at airports. Hard evidence is shunned precisely because it is hard.

Theological progressives operate on the same dynamic as secular progressives. For the Christian progressive sin is institutional not personal. Confronting the sin and failure of the individual is considered hurtful and judgemental. For them the church should bend its efforts to ensure the eradication of physical poverty, the supposed cause of sin; meanwhile the poverty of soul overwhelming society is neglected.

Progressives are masters of pain avoidance, from school sports days without winners or losers, to exams where it is difficult to fail, to equality legislation which ignores differences between women and men, young and old. Respect for the individual and his or her actions is lost.

Some win, some lose, a simple fact of life progressives reject. It doesn’t even take Calvinism, any supporter of Partick Thistle accepts that losing is an all too frequent fact of life.

The progressive believes in equality of outcome, the Calvinist believes in equality of opportunity.

There are profound differences between those who see what is there and those who see what they would like to be there.


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