Modern Chamberlains

So it’s happened in Sweden. A British educated radical Muslim has blown up a car, and himself, in yet another attempt to blindly murder Western citizens going about their business or pleasures. But why Sweden?

After the 2005 tube and bus attacks in London noted journalist Robert Fisk knew precisely where to put the blame for Islamic violence. Tony Blair had said that radical Islamists were attempting to destroy ‘all that we hold dear.’ Taking Osama bin Laden as his geopolitical guru Fisk responded:

‘To go on pretending that Britain’s enemies want to destroy “what we hold dear” encourages racism; what we are confronting here is a specific, direct, centralized attack on London as a result of a “war on terror” that Blair has locked us into. Just before the U.S. presidential elections, bin Laden asked: “Why do we not attack Sweden?” Lucky Sweden. No Osama bin Laden there. And no Tony Blair.’

Fisk seems to hold to the condescending, not to say racist, view that we really shouldn’t take what radical Muslims say seriously. They may condemn in the most forthright, not to say violent, terms much of what ‘we hold dear,’ things such as democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the emancipation of women, but we shouldn’t take what they say seriously. They may say that they want to murder Jews, homosexuals, apostates and basically just about anyone who disagrees with them, but hey, we shouldn’t take it to heart. Perhaps it’s just boyish exuberance and childish hyperbole.

Boys Will Be Boys

Instead of crediting them with being responsible adults who have a thought out ideology of their own Fisk and most ‘progressives’ with him patronisingly absolve them of responsibility by reckoning that slaughtering people going about their daily business is an understandable response to the provocations of the West.

When Western governments take security measures to protect their citizens this too is seen as a cause of reactive violence because it supposedly serves to ‘encourage racism’ by focussing on Muslims. The murderous riots which follow any perceived criticism of Islam are not violent childish hysteria but an outpouring of understandable anger following years of oppression.

According to Fisk and his fellow appeasers the foreign policy of the Western powers is what gives rise to Islamic violence, not the bare existence of our free culture.

Sweden, that most ‘progressive’ of democracies had given the family of Iraqi born Taimour Abdulwahab al-Abdaly sanctuary. It’s government goes to extraordinary lengths to promote multi-culturalism and oppose racism. It is difficult to imagine a more tolerant Western democracy than Sweden. Nevertheless al-Abdaly thought that it’s citizens should be slaughtered and that he was the man for the job.

The truth is that fascist ideologies such as radical Islam have a visceral hatred for democracy and democratic values which are biblically based. That is enough for them. In the face of openly stated hatred for the West progressives follow a policy of appeasement and every time there is another outrage manage to place the blame on the victims.

Sweden has a few hundred soldiers in Afghanistan and its newspapers published drawings of Muhammed, those examples of freedom were enough to make them a target for indiscriminate murder. Unless we wish al-Qaida and the Taliban to make our foreign and cultural policies for us we need to take off our rose coloured spectacles.

Surely we who live in Western democracies should have learned that history teaches that appeasement of fascists just doesn’t work. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the progressives to wake up, it will take more than a few suicide bombers to make them rethink.


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