That’s What Worries The Marines

Sorry, I couldn’t resist this.

Reaction to the repeal of DADT (Don’t Ask Don’t Tell) legislation in the US Senate which allows homosexuals to serve openly in the US military has its interesting aspects.

Pfc. Alex Tuck, a 19-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama., a Marine serving at Camp Geiger, speaking to the New York Times said he had no doubt that gay Marines would not only perform well in combat but would also be accepted by a vast majority of Marines.

“Showers will be awkward,” Private Tuck said, expressing a worry mentioned by just about every Marine interviewed. “But as long as a guy can hold his own and protect my back, it won’t matter if he is gay.”

Alex; that is just what worries many Marines.


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Now retired but once upon a time a parish minister in Glasgow, before that the South West and initially the Black Isle. Been a prison chaplain and lecturer. Still am constantly bemused by the weird world around me.
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