Mocking The Afflicted – Again

Perhaps Hollywood operates a quota system whereby each studio has to employ a certain percentage of those who might charitably be termed intellectually or morally challenged.

Another Trough, Another Snout

I know its unfair to bring up actors and their inanities, they can’t help being dim. Those who should be criticised are the incestuously self-promoting media who keep asking them questions beyond their abilities in an effort to publicise their latest films; and the ever gullible public who seem to think that the view of an actor is of any greater consequence than the view of a plumber, taxi-driver or sheep shearer.

In an interview earlier this week the film actor Ben Affleck  informed us all that in his opinion bankers, “shouldn’t make such a giant profit off just moving money back and forth. And CEOs’ pay shouldn’t be 200 times the average worker. It used to be nine times.”

Now I happen to agree with Mr Affleck about banker’s remuneration and the way that upper management can’t seem to keep their snouts out the trough. It is difficult to see how such staggering sums should be paid to those who a couple of years ago brought the Western economy to its knees.

But Ben should realise that there is an economic system called capitalism which controls our industries, including the entertainments industry. In capitalism those who supply goods and services are entitled to ask for and receive whatever the relatively free market will bear. There is also something called original sin which teaches us that none of us are all we should be. We are prone to temptation, including the temptation of greed. And the reason its called temptation is because it is tempting. There are very few so altruistic that they would turn away from the legitimate opportunity of pocketing large wodges of cash.

Bankers are different from the rest of us only in that their opportunities for filling their pockets are greater than those of plumbers, taxi-drivers or sheep shearers; but not film stars.

I wish the interviewer had asked Mr Affleck what he thought about film stars being paid $250,000 merely for turning up at the opening of a new casino. A quarter of a million dollars for clocking on at work. This is the sum which avid poker player Affleck was paid for gracing the opening of the new casino in the Greenbrier resort, White Springs, West Virginia on 2nd July this year.

Stones – glass houses. More appropriately specks of sawdust and planks of wood.


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