Even-Handed Bias

It happens occasionally, you get so hacked off you just want to pick up the radio and throw it against the wall. The recent Sunday programme was the latest instance and perhaps I have cooled down after a couple of days but it still causes sheer incredulous amazement at blatant bias amounting to propagandising.

In a segment devoted to the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks the point was made that some in the West now feel personally threatened by Muslims. Supposedly we believe that “Muslims have nothing but hatred for America and its allies.” Thus any who feel threatened by radical Islam and its fascist ideology are thereby supposedly suspicious of all Muslims.

This is the usual progressive contempt for ordinary people. We are supposedly unable to make a distinction between a bunch of fanatics busy murdering anyone who disagrees with them and the people who live around us and have the same day to day concerns that we have.

A radical Islam exists. It actually does devoutly hate Christians, Jews, Hindus, agnostics, atheists, the West, liberals, freethinkers and generally anyone who does not subscribe to their fanatical beliefs. To this list we can also add their contempt and hatred for moderate Muslims who do not share their desire to murder any who want to think for themselves.

And radical Muslims do have a set of fanatical, not to say fascistic, set of beliefs. But then anyone who believes that if they murder a bunch of innocents God will reward them with an orgy starring themselves and a cast of seventy two compliant virgins will believe anything.

'Even-Handed' Ed Stourton

Ed Stourton, the programme presenter tried to foster the concept that the danger facing the world in the year ahead was the existence of “extremists on both sides.” As usual the only “extremist” they could drag up on the Christian side was reliable old Terry Jones, an insignificant pastor who threatened to burn a book, and didn’t.

It is interesting that in the studio discussion afterwards it was Stephen Pollard, a Jew, who lambasted this bias for the wicked distortion that it is. “The idea that there is some kind of equivalence of extremism” between a Florida pastor with a tiny congregation and a global clerical fascist movement was “fantasy,” he exploded. Ed Stourton did not respond.

Do you think that in the year ahead the BBC will actually acknowledge the existence of an ideology which sincerely wishes to destroy their Enlightenment values?

Do you think that they will acknowledge that it is possible to be opposed to radical Islam without being ‘Islamophobic’?

Do you think that they may acknowledge the persecution of Christians wherever they live in a Muslim majority country?

Do you think that along with items such as that on this morning’s Today programme which lauded Brits who have converted to Islam, we might have items which examine the plight of British Muslims who have converted to Christianity and live in fear of their lives for doing so?

Don’t hold your breath.


3 thoughts on “Even-Handed Bias

  1. Excellent post. I’ve often wondered why, in these days of ‘fearless, cutting edge’ journalism, no-one, to my knowledge, has ever come to places like Sighthill (especially at the time Rowan Williams was making sympathetic noises about Sharia law) to speak to Muslims who have suffered at the hand of their more fanatical brethren as well as those who have been beaten and threatened with death for converting from Islam to Christianity. ‘Equality and Diversity’ from the BBC? As you say, don’t hold your breath!

    1. The reason why is simple. For progressives, like any other totalising mind set, when ideology comes into conflict with reality then reality has to give way.

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