Women Pay – As Usual

Trencherbone, in a comment on yesterday’s post Reality Bites lays the blame for the present cases of gangs of Muslim men grooming, raping and prostituting young white girls squarely on Muslim attitudes towards paedophilia. Although the attitude to sexual relations with children propagated by Islamic authorities such as Ayatollah Khomeini is truly abhorrent the impression I get is that the present issue in the north of England is more a cultural one.

The dynamics behind this problem appear to lie more with the attitude within Islam towards women generally than with the issue of paedophilia as such. Islam’s regressive attitude towards women is exacerbated by the progressive ideological adherence to a failed multiculturalism which has served to increase tensions between divided communities throughout Britain.

It seems accepted that, to a significant extent, issues of power lie behind sexual crimes; usually the power of men over women, over children, over any who are vulnerable. Throughout Islam, particularly the more regressive elements, there are huge issues with regard to the power men have over women.

In practically all of Islam there are severely ambivalent not to say contradictory attitudes towards women, they are both idealised and subjugated; a man’s bride must be pure and undefiled, and also subservient and walk meekly behind. A man’s woman, and she does belong to him, is his pride and his servant. When this attitude remains unchallenged in the West by a multiculturalism which fosters the creation of cultural and religious ghettoes adhering to the mores of rural Asia in the midst of the industrialised post-Christian West then there are bound to be conflicts.

Men who are either married or betrothed to relatives from rural Pakistan whom they hardly know, who don’t even speak English and for whom they have no desire, go looking for sex elsewhere. When they look around they see young white girls dressed in short skirts and low tops and see them as sluts with no morals, there for the taking. Due to multiculturalism there is little actual integration of communities in Britain. We have a situation in which vicious men fail to understand that what they may see as an advertisement for moral laxity is merely a fashion statement in the eyes of a twelve or thirteen year old living in today’s Western culture.

Despite what the perpetrators may convince themselves these girls are not, in the excuse of rapists everywhere, “asking for it.” They are the unfortunate products of a post-Christian society which in lieu of morality has sexualised even the very young in the name of self-fulfilment and profit.

Add to this we have an attitude amongst the rapists of racial, cultural and religious superiority which has gone unchallenged by our progressive elite because to do so would go against every multicultural fibre in their being.

In the face of all these there is and also a fear amongst police, social services and charities of intervening effectively and risk appearing racist and thus bringing down the ire of progressives in the media and politics.

Combine all these factors and the result is an appalling situation which has been allowed to continue since at least the late 1990’s without serious challenge.

Progressive attitudes and policies which seem enlightened at dinner parties in Hampstead can create victims in the real world.


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