Late Or No Entry

This is a bit late but has only now been brought to my attention. I have only two excuses for my tardiness. Anything to do with the EU provokes an allergic reaction in me and I tend to shun it. Also I have the organisational abilities of a demented hamster and so anything to do with diaries is outwith my skill set.

We are aware of how the EU has made largely successful attempts to deny Europe’s Christian heritage. Yet again they betray their de-Christianising inclinations. This time in the production of a diary.

The European commission produced more than three million copies of an EU diary for secondary school children. British schools received more than 300,000 copies of the diaries, accompanied by 51 pages of information about the European Union, as gifts to pupils from the EU Commission.

An innocuous enough propaganda exercise one would suppose, and I am sure the children appreciate the gift you have given them through your taxes. However, whilst the euro calendar recognises a wide range of other religious festivals, showing Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jewish and Chinese festivities as well as Europe Day and other key EU anniversaries, no Christian festivals are included.

Christmas and Easter may be national holidays across the continent but are clearly not as important as Eid or Ramadan. The diary section for 25 December is blank, the bottom of the page being marked with the secular message, “A true friend is someone who shares your concerns and will double your joy.”

Even the response of the Commission to objections is illustrative of the Commission’s mindset. A spokesman had the good grace to describe the diary as a “blunder”. However, he also said that rather than Christian festivals being included in any future editions, all references to religious holidays might be removed “to avoid any controversy”.


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