Take A Rest

I am not soliciting sympathy, although I reckon I am due it. I shall be off line until the end of next week as I am attending a CofS conference.

Now don’t you feel sorry for me?


4 thoughts on “Take A Rest

    1. If it were a normal conference I would have gone with a lighter heart. Unfortunately it is a pre-retirement conference.
      If after 30 odd years in the ministry and … years of life I have to be told what to do with my time then I am in a worse condition than even my worst enemy thought.

      Actually I already have a three point plan for retirement. I am going to be:
      1. An International Man of Action
      2. A Sex Symbol, and
      3. A Fashion Icon.

      My Kirk Session have suggested this would leave me very little to aim for as that is pretty much where I am at the moment, but I don’t want to put myself under pressure in my declining years.

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