Another Heroine

When I was a wee boy I had two heroes, William Wallace and Willie Bauld (centre forwad for Hearts and Scotland). Heroes are people of courage who face up to the odds against them. Veena Malik, a Pakistani actress, has joined my pantheon of heroes.

So often we find actors and  actresses behaving like utter morons. Sure Charlie Sheen is off the wall, but that is induced by drugs, drink and sycophancy. Matthew Modine has less of an excuse when he reckons that if we wish to solve the problem of Islamic extremism what we really need to do is sit down and have a nice heart to heart chat with Osama Bin Laden.

“Imagine if somebody were to really sit down with Osama Bin Laden and say, ‘Listen man, what is it that you’re so angry at me about that you’re willing to have people strap bombs to themselves, or get inside of airplanes and fly them into buildings?’ That would be the miracle if we can get, sit down and talk to our enemies and have a fine way for them to hear us.”

Pakistani actressess are bit more realistic than the denizens of Hollywood. They know that the only way to meet extremists is to confront them and refuse to knuckle under.

In this video translated by the MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) Pakistani actress Veena Malik faces up to a mullah who is accusing her of immoral behaviour.

Remember this takes place in Pakistan where Islamic death squads do as they will, often with the connivance of the State Intelligence Service. A few days after this was broadcast the Pakistani Minorities Minister was murdered by Islamists. Undaunted by the very real danger she faces Veena Malik turns on her accuser in an attempted trial by media and the interviewer who set her up.

I hold no brief for ‘Big Brother’ type reality programmes but Veena Malik has given me a new appreciation of the acting profession.


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