Demented Despots Aren’t Necessarily Stupid

The Arab League has decided for its own reasons that their chum Gaddafi is no longer part of their gang. So they have decided to volunteer Western troops to get rid of him.

That the Arab world has not had a decent military leader since Sir John Glubb was canned by King Hussein is evident from their persistent habit of starting and losing wars with Israel. But even given that how difficult could it be for them to knock over a psychotic uniform fetishist guarded by virgins?

They know this guy, his troops, inner circle, his guard-babes, he’s been their closest chum for decades, a past leader of the Arab League. They have armies and air forces packed with the latest western military hardware. They have the political legitimacy to take out a troublemaking sociopath in their own back yard. So they volunteer Western troops to do the job.

A quarter of a century ago Gaddafi was arming Irish terrorists, blowing up American airliners over Scotland and murdering British policewomen. That was the time to confront him. But we didn’t, we tripped over ourselves to do oil deals with him, we released the miraculously surviving Mr Al Magraghi, we sold his son a PhD. But now, at the request of the Arab League who will quickly disown us once the job is done, we intervene in the internal affairs of a foreign country in favour of the “freedom loving democrats” of Libya.

At the forefront of the “democratic” rebels is the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group. Documents captured by allied forces from the town of Sinjar in 2007, showed LIFG members made up the second-largest cohort of foreign fighters in Iraq, after our other good chums in Saudi Arabia.

Earlier this month, al-Qaeda issued a call for supporters to back the Libyan rebellion, which it said would lead to the imposition of “the stage of Islam” in that country.

British Islamists also back the rebellion. The former head of the banned al-Muhajiroun has announced that the call for “Islam, the Shariah and jihad from Libya” had “shaken the enemies of Islam and the Muslims more than the tsunami that Allah sent against their friends, the Japanese”.

Idriss Deby Itno, Chad’s president, has said that al-Qaeda have already managed to pillage military arsenals in the Libyan rebel zone and have acquired arms, “including surface-to-air missiles, which were then smuggled into their sanctuaries”.

Don’t let us kid ourselves that these rebels are all Guardian reading, skinny latte drinking, politically correct lovers of democracy who wish nothing more than to give women freedom to order their own lives and permit diversity of religious practice.

We have already seen the Christian community in Iraq being persecuted out of existence. It is still a capital offence in Afghanistan, where Western soldiers are dying daily, to convert to Christianity. When Egypt goes Islamist the results for Christians are likely to be the same. Next stop Libya.

The British government and military seem to be in a complete muddle over whether or not Gaddafi is a target. But what if he survives? Given his record is it not possible that he might be somewhat piqued? How will he react; another assassination attempt on the despot who rules Saudi Arabia, more bombs in German discos, another Lockerbie? This is someone with form.

If he ends up dangling from a lamppost dressed in his best party frock what does that teach other dictators? Gaddafi was the despot who gave up his nuclear ambitions, who stopped training and financing terrorist organisations, who became Tony Blair’s new best friend and our partner in the war on terrorism. And what did the West do? Not only did we cut him loose but we actively overthrew him.

Your everyday blood soaked Third World demented despot will look at recent events and ponder. Will he follow the new model Goody Two Shoes Gaddafi and cooperate with the West, or will he see Obama sending fraternal greetings to the “Supreme Leader” of the Islamic Republic of nuclear lusting, Death-to-the-Great-Satan, Iran and get on the ‘phone to Pyongyang with a request for a bargain basement nuclear programme?

The lesson is clear, do gooder progressive interventionists will treat you with respect the worse you are, but show weakness and they will turn on you.


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