Progressive Religion

Global warming has now become the successor religion to Christianity for the Episcopal Church in the USA.

This year Good Friday and ‘Earth Day’ (whatever that is) fall on the same day, 22nd April. To mark this the Episcopal church is going greener than ever.

The ECUSA’s Office of Economic and Environmental Affairs has released a statement urging its members to mark the most solemn day of the year by being mindful of global warming, recycling and reducing carbon dioxide emission.

“This year Earth Day falls within Holy Week, specifically on Good Friday, a profound coincidence,” said Mike Schut, a church spokesman. “To fully honor Earth Day, we need to reclaim the theology that knows Earth is ‘very good,’ is holy. When we fully recognize that, our actions just may begin to create a more sustainable, compassionate economy and way of life.”

Schut continued: “On Good Friday, the day we mark the crucifixion of Christ, God in the flesh, might we suggest that when Earth is degraded, when species go extinct, that another part of God’s body experiences yet another sort of crucifixion — that another way of seeing and experiencing God is diminished?”

The Lent resources produced by the ECUSA are “focusing on the environment, creation care and sustainability.”

Christians, as stewards of creation, should be concerned with all that God has made. However, to make the sacrifice of our Lord for our salvation a peg on which to proclaim the necessity of recycling soda cans and composting scrap paper goes far beyond the usual progressive distortion of the gospel.

Truly environmentalism has become much more than just school assembly for progressives.


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