Every Linus Needs A Blanket

You Are My Only Friend

One of the oft repeated criticisms of Islamists is that they reject our Western way of life. This is understandable, but only when it comes from the lips of secularists. It is easy to understand such comments when they come from the products of present day Western society. However, they sound somewhat incongruous when uttered by biblical Christians.

When it comes to criticism of western society many of those aspects rejected by Muslims are rejected by the biblical Christian. Western popular culture is shot through with much we reject: the media titillation of adultery and fornication, the idealisation of licentiousness, the embrace of debt as a way of life, the acceptance of self-stupefaction through drugs and alcohol as an escape when everything gets just too much and “You need to chill out.” I’ll stop before I sound like someone’s grandfather.

All of these aspect of life in today’s UK the biblical Christian also finds repulsive and rejects wholeheartedly. Where then lies the difference? Perhaps there is no difference between the radical Islamist and the biblical Christian. Could it just be a matter of the difference in our method of protest; the IED as opposed to muttering into our Horlicks during the evening news?

The difference lies not in our reaction to the surface expression of post-modern culture but in our understanding of the underlying causes. The unbridgeable difference lies in the source and therefore in the reason and motivation for trying to live what is conceived of as the summum bonum

Islam, in moderate as well as radical form, sees living a good life as unhesitating adherence to a set of rules laid down by a supposed god of absolute power and unrelenting demand. The call is to submission without question.

With God the call to a good life is participation in a relationship which has to be worked out in messy and sometimes painful reality. The call is to love freely given and freely received. At core there is an utter disconnect between Christianity and any false religion.

Those amongst our progressive brethren who have jumped aboard the interfaith bandwagon are attempting to reconcile the irreconcilable. The only question worth asking them is: Why?

There are many possible answers. They have abandoned the Bible in any meaningful way so have no basis for proceeding other than whatever is propounded by their secular equivalents. They see the Church seemingly shrink in the face of secular forces and therefore seek allies in ‘religion.’ We could go on making excuses for progressive Christians. The basic reason for inter-faith accommodations is much simpler. Progressive Christian have a patron saint – Linus.

Having realised ecumenism has failed they now turn to inter-faith as a substitute. Every Linus has a blanket. The blanket may be illusory, it may be threadbare and full of holes, it may be laughable to grown ups, but it is their blanket, their comfort.

They are afraid of the big bad world, deep down they know that their secular idols really despise them, they realise that Christians who take Scripture seriously see them in need of conversion, who can they turn to give them comfort and reassurance that they are the good guys? But do serious Muslims really believe that progressive Christians are the good guys? Or perhaps they are just “Useful idiots.”

Next time you are in conversation with a progressive Christian and he chunters on about his meaningful contacts with the local imam just mention the word taqiyya. Unlike Christianity Islam has the concept of taqiyya. This means that it is not only permitted but is laudable to lie to unbelievers, especially the willingly gullible ones such as progressive Christians. The ultimately important thing for the obedient Muslim is the advance of Islam and for this cause, as with Western post-modernists and their equally destructive cause, truth is a redundant concept. Islam has the concept of taqiyya or holy deception.

According to Christian ethics lying is a sin. After all the One whom we follow describes Himself as the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus is the Word, a concept which demands from His followers an adherence to veracity which is total. However much we may fail His standard holds us to account. In Islamic jurisprudence and theology the use of taqiyya against the unbelievers is regarded as not only a a virtue but a religious duty. To preserve a Muslim deception is permissible. To progress the Islamic faith deception is permissible.

Deceit is part of the package.


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