We’re All Doomed

Instead of taking place last Saturday the date of the rapture is being
re-calculated and is found to be five months hence. Seemingly there was an error in the original calculation, the maths must be difficult as this is a common occurrence. Or perhaps there really are parallel universes and the rapture happened in another. Whatever, the secular world has had a laugh and because a few people were taken in by a manipulative minister all religion is condemned as absurd.

However, the Christian world has far fewer “The end is nigh” predictions than the secular, science based ‘rational’ world, especially the world of progressives. Private Fraser from Dad’s Army fitted in with the scientific pattern of communication. His constant refrain was, “We’re doomed.”

We're Doomed

Anyone remember YK2 when all computers were going to seize up,
aeroplanes fall from the sky, life saving hospital equipment malfunction, electrical supplies fail and civilisation generally would be reduced to survivalist mode?

Think of all the global warming predictions which have failed to materialise. Six years ago the UN warned that by 2010 the world would have to cope with 50,000,000 climate refugees. What has actually happened is that populations are growing in supposed environmental danger zones. Meanwhile the UN distances itself from its forecasts, and as a result of so many failed predictions and so many record cold temperatures global warming is rebranded
“climate change.”

Perhaps we will have a return to prophecies of the 60’s popularised by Carl Sagan when doom was forecast to occur through a “nuclear winter” where the earth would freeze under a half mile thick sheet of ice.

Food shortages can be relied upon to get the Cassandras active. Paul Ehrlich, a professor at Stanford, wrote in 1968: “In the 1970’s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programes embarked upon now. At this late date nothing can prevent a substantial increase in world death rate.”

The environmentalist lobby in full flow make Jehovah’s Witnesses seem like half-hearted amateurs.

The 70’s and 80’s saw AIDS as the scare of choice. In the USA the federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that by 1990 1 to 1.5 million Americans would have died of AIDS. As to what actually happened, by the end of 1991, total AIDS cases in the USA stood at 206,400, deaths at 133,000.

There are two major differences between Christian doomsday peddlers and scientific pronouncers of looming disaster. With the Christians at least some get raptured and have a good time, with scientific end timers it’s a case of “We’re doomed, we’re all doomed.”

The problem is that when believers in scientism pronounce imminent doom and it fails to occur people lose trust in scientists. How many people continue to trust pronouncements about danger foods? As soon as we are told eggs, butter, red wine etc., are a danger to health another research project tells us they are good for us. In the end people just eat what they want to eat and ignore the medical professionals. Not a healthy state of affairs.

Environmentalists get upset that a significant proportion of the population don’t believe in man-made global warning. They have only themselves to blame. Scare mongers may be useful in order to obtain government grants and charity support, but in the long run they don’t serve science well.

Supposed rationalists had a good laugh at the weekend. Wasn’t there someone who spoke about seeing specks of sawdust in the eyes of others and failing to see planks of wood in one’s own?


One thought on “We’re All Doomed

  1. ‘The problem is that when believers in scientism pronounce imminent doom and it fails to occur people lose trust in scientists.’

    The same could be said of politicians, economists… any type of leader or ‘expert’. With the ease of access to these rubbish pronouncements of doom, reports of mistakes made by ‘authorities’, and incidents of deliberate misleading or mishandling by those authorities on the internet it’s small wonder that there are younger generations with no, or limited, respect for authority. The ‘authorities’ get it wrong often enough to show themselves as not worthy of respect.

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