BBC Biased? Surely Not

Now admit it, some of you think that I’m a bit off piste with my criticisms of the BBC. My admitted animus against the Corporation is based on the fact that if I wish to watch television I am forced to pay good money for their culturally revisionist propaganda.

It would appear that I am not alone in my opinion that the BBC pursues a cultural agenda which is anti Israeli, pro homosexual, ageist, condescending to the poor and sneers at those living outwith the M25. More importantly it is an agenda which is inimical to Christian morality and which attempts to denigrate mainstream Christianity at any and every opportunity, an agenda which almost invariably portrays evangelicals as a bunch of nutters. Well, as bigger nutters than we really are.

The BBC commissioned a poll on viewer’s attitudes to the Corporation. The survey, part of their ‘Diversity Strategy,’ interviewed 4,500 people including BBC staff. They aren’t happy with the findings.

Why they should spend a no doubt considerable sum of money on this consultation when its results are apparent to anyone outside their privileged circle is itself a puzzle. But then it’s not their money.

The consultation concluded: ‘In terms of religion, there were many who perceived the BBC to be anti-Christian and as such misrepresenting Christianity.’ According to viewers interviewed, Christians are badly treated with ‘derogatory stereotypes’ which portray them as ‘weak’ or ‘bigoted’

The consultation’s conclusions added: ‘Christians are specifically mentioned as being badly treated, with a suggestion that more minority religions are better represented despite Christianity being the most widely observed religion within Britain.’

In what some would see as a rather restrained comment one respondent summed it up by saying: ‘As a Christian I find that the BBC’s representation of Christianity is mainly inaccurate, portraying incorrect, often derogatory stereotypes.’

To prove that the Corporation is totally out of touch with anyone who does not live in Hampstead, votes Green and has a degree in  diversity studies from the University of Easy Access, a spokesperson said: ‘The BBC does not have an anti-Christian bias. We have strict editorial guidelines on impartiality, including religious perspectives, and Christian programming forms the majority and the cornerstone of our religion and ethical output.’

It’s not just a matter of minutes on screen, it’s a matter of bias. OK we have Songs of Praise, a travelogue by the Tourist Board with a few hymns thrown in (Don’t get me started on Aled Jones), but does this compensate for the relentless portrayal of all Christian positions other than a progressive one as being the province of intellectual inadequates? Keep Songs of Praise by all means, it sometimes performs a useful function, but when are we going to have serious programming which does not pillory a conservative or traditional Christian position?

Those in charge of the BBC are constitutionally unable to understand the concerns of ordinary people in this country, and especially the ordinary mainstream Christians. What was once the world’s leading broadcaster is in the hands of people with intellectual blinkers who are unable to see outside their own restricted circle.


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