Advice Please

First a word of warning: If you have a fragile ego do not blog.

I do not speak of the abuse concerning what I have written. If anything is in capital letters, has negligible grammar or mentions black helicopters or grassy knolls it automatically gets sent to the trash bin.

I speak of statistics. There is a plethora of statistical apps available which tell you numbers who have visited the blog, where from, at what time and probably what colour of socks they wear. Beginning a blog it is deliciously easy to get hooked on stats. My church hosts Narcotics anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, perhaps there is a place for Bloggers Anonymous.

A blog is posted, you wait, you click on the stats, only a handful of visits. You restrain yourself with an effort and 25 minutes later you click the stats again. There has been three more visits. Should you be glad or frustrated? You wait, you click, you wait… It goes on day by day.

Thankfully this trap caught me for the shortest of times. Basically I don’t give a docken. I simply write what occurs to me. Those who are interested, come back. Those who find it the puerile ravings of an intellectually challenged teuchter, forget the blog. In the meantime I just write whatever occurs to me. I ruminate, I ramble, every so often I rant. So what?

In the last week, however, I have blogged about the situation facing the Church of Scotland. It reached problematic status last Saturday when I wrote about Friday’s meeting about he future direction for evangelicals in the CofS. Traffic on my blog which had been steadily growing in a surprisingly satisfactory way peaked, it increased by several hundreds and nearly doubled.

My shy retiring ego could have leapt upon the stats and claimed that my pellucid prose, trenchantly logical reasoning and masterful analysis were at last gaining the recognition they so richly deserved. Unfortunately reality intruded. It’s not about me, it’s about you. What apparently concerns my readers is the future of the CofS and whether or not they have a part in it.

That leaves me with a very real problem. What do I do? As I see it I have a number of options:

1. I give over the blog entirely and turn it into an open forum which, with a volunteer moderator, allows free discussion for all parties concerned with the future of evangelicals in the CofS. There is clearly a need for a place where this can happen or else we face the very real danger of splintering into antagonistic groups giving each other the cold shoulder.

2. I carry on with the blog as it is and encourage others to open up a second blog which fulfils the functions of option 1.

3. I say “Stuff the lot of you, I’ll carry on writing whatever I feel like writing.” This means carrying on with the year’s experiment of only publishing online and continuing with the rambling, ruminations and occasional rants of Chairman Campbell.

I suppose there is a fourth option: I pack up, stop the blog and do something more useful like making raffia plant holders. If that is your answer my response is “Who wants your ill informed, undereducated, blindly prejudiced
opinions anway. Get back to your day job in the Greek Finance Ministry.”


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