On Mocking The Afflicted

The generous response to my previous post requesting advice was helpful, and as it pretty much agreed with what I wanted to do anyway I shall take your advice. Generally speaking, although seeing a need for some kind of forum for those concerned with the CofS situation, the great majority of respondents wanted the blog to continue as before.

I too agree for the need of some kind of mechanism whereby those who share a basic theological outlook are able to remain in communication with each other. As is well known I have the administrative abilities of a demented gerbil so that lets me out of the job. However, as leaders of Confessing Churches, Forward Together, Crieff Fellowship etc read this blog perhaps they could agree to work together, at least on this device for working together.

Back to business. Sometimes I am asked questions concerning the blog. Chief amongst them is: Why should I, an apologist, expend so much time and energy combating and highlighting the irrationality and innanities of progressives and so little time attacking atheists? After all, it is atheists who are the real enemy of the faithful.

No they are not. The real enemies of the faithful are progressives, and especially those within the Church.

Atheists are people who do not believe in God or in gods. As far as I can make out agnostics are usually just atheists without the courage of their lack of conviction. For the most part atheists couldn’t care less about Christianity, like it or not they generally ignore us and get on with their lives and for the most part are willing to let us get on with ours. As such they are a mission field. The progressive on the other hand, whether a believer or an unbeliever, is a man with a mission or a woman with a cause. They have no intention of letting us get on with our lives. As such they are a battlefield.

Progressives intend to remake society according to their ideals and principles and that work cannot be completed until they destroy the remaining vestiges of traditional social structures and values and marginalise the orthodox within mainstream Christian denominations. Thus in society the concepts of personal responsibility, the importance of the family and necessity of a moral code are undermined. In the Church clarity of faith, the authority of Scripture and the call for personal conversion are portrayed as anachronisms peddled by a tiny minority of convention-bound leftovers mired in the past.

Progressives inside and outside the Church have undermined the faith far more effectively than straightforward atheists ever have. The wolves in sheep’s clothing have carried off many more lambs than honest to goodness wolves.

Then there is the example of Jesus. For honest doubters and sceptics like my hero Thomas He had gentle words, personal contact and practical proof. For
teachers who would lead His little ones astray His response was somewhat more forthright. He warned them that by the time He had finished with them they would wish they had been thrown into the deepest part of the sea with a millstone tied round their neck. They were compared to whitewashed sepulchres, outwardly clean and presentable, inwardly full of the stench of decay and corruption. His way of saying “You get right up God’s nose.”

The Jesus of Scripture was not the sandal wearing proto hippy of the popular imagination, wandering around in long hair and robes, giving the peace sign and urging everyone to chill out, be nice to each other and reduce their carbon footprint. He could be as cool as a cucumber when debating theology with the Pharisees, but when it came to the harm they were doing to His little ones He could flay them with His tongue.

Progressives are the real danger who for the sake of Church and society must be opposed. Most of them are atheists, some are believers, all intend to sideline or destroy the Christian faith as known for 2000 years.

Besides all that, its fun.


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