Apartheid State

One of the most commonly used terms of abuse by ‘right on’ progressive wannabes is that Israel is an “apartheid state.” Images are more powerful than reason, the word ‘apartheid’ conjures up mental pictures of the Sharpeville massacre, signs saying ‘Whites Only’ and police armoured cars belching tear gas as they toured townships. Connecting the adjective with Israel immediately makes the mob assume that the poor Arabs are treated in the same manner in Israel as non-whites were in South Africa.

As someone who remembers being punched by policemen at a demonstration against the Springboks at Murrayfield forty years ago the connection is a powerful one. But when we leave an emotional reaction aside and look at the facts perhaps reason should  lead us to conclude that there should be a different destination for the label ‘apartheid.’

Elinor Joseph

In Israel Arabs are entitled to the same protection under law as Jews. Arabic is an official second language in Israel. Arabs serve in the Israel Defence Force, it is possible for an Arab Muslim to become a commissioned officer in the IDF. It is possible for a Christian Arab female to become a combat soldier in the IDF as Corporal Elinor Joseph has shown. In 2003 the number of Muslim volunteers was 64.5 % higher than in 2000, while the enlistment of Christians increased by 16 % over the same period. A senior source at the IDF’s Personnel Directorate notes that incomplete figures for 2004 show a further increase, at a rate of some 20%, in the enlistment of youth from both sectors.

Jamal Hakroush is a Muslim Israeli, who is also a Deputy Inspector General in the police.

Arabs can be, and are, elected to the Knesset. The Deputy Speaker of the Knesset is Majalli Wahabi, a Druze, who briefly served as president of the state of Israel when the President and Acting President were indisposed.

Although most choose to live within their own religious and cultural communities, pretty much as elsewhere, Israeli Arabs are free to live anywhere in Israel. Arab students gain entrance to Israel’s universities on the basis of ability, not ethnic origin. Arabs are represented in every area of Israeli professional life.

It is difficult once we look at the facts to discern how Israel can be described as an apartheid state. When we come to what is colloquially termed Palestine we find a different situation.

Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian President, has stated that Jews will not be allowed to live in a Palestinian state. The Hamas government permits only one Jew to live in Gaza, Corporal Gilad Shalit an Israel soldier kidnapped and held captive for the last five years. Jews are not allowed to own land or have any part in public life.

Since the Palestinian Authority took over the West Bank eighteen years ago the
Palestinian Christian Arab community has shrunk drastically. Beit Jalla was
once a Christian town outside Jerusalem, today it is without a Christian
population. Even Bethlehem has a Muslim majority population.

If apartheid signifies ethnic based law, forced segregation and outright exclusion on religious, ethnic or racial grounds then the label fits Palestine very neatly. ‘Apartheid’ is an appropriate appellation for a state in the Middle East, and its not Israel.


6 thoughts on “Apartheid State


    Ahmad shukairy Arab-nazi has invented the apartheid slur (upon pluralistic democratic Israel, six years before the so-called “occupation” excuse came about) in 1961 [“Politics, lies, and videotape: 3,000 questions and answers on the Mideast crisis” – Page 392 – Yitschak Ben Gad – SP Books, 1991 – 479 pages], he helped the (ally of Adolf Hitler, al-Husseini, better known as the) Mufti and aided in extermination of Jews in WW2, according to testimony in Congress. [Congressional record: proceedings and debates of the United States Congress: Volume 113, Part 12 – United States. Congress – Govt. Print. Off., 1967 – Page A-525]. The same Shukairy admitted in 1956 that so-calle “Palestine” is NOTHING but a part of Syria… [United Nations review: Volume 3 – United Nations. Dept. of Public Information, United Nations. Office of Public Information – 1957 – Page 8] Then, in 1963, he changed his mind, and the ‘new nationalism’ is ‘conveniently’ used -since then- by Arab immigrants’ children who call themselves as “Palestinians” since 1963. He’s more famous for coining the Palestine Liberation Organization’s genocide slogan ‘Drive the Jews into the Sea’ [America’s Two Holy Wars – John Tyler – Page 246].


    All the while the Arab world and the Muslim world are the largest practitioners of racial and religious apartheid. Where not one minority has equal rights with the governing power. Not to mention the still-practiced racist slavery on Asians and on blacks by Arabs. And the ethnic cleansing by the Arab world including by anti-Christian, anti-Jewish Arab-Islamic-Apartheid-Palestine.
    To quote from books: The Islamic world “the world’s largest practitioner of both religious and gender apartheid.” [Israel: And the Palestinian Nightmare – Page 158 – Ze’ev Shemer – 2010 – 244 pages] “The Islamic culture of “religious intolerance, economic backwardness, gender apartheid, muzzled press, militarism, terrorism.” [A theory of international terrorism: understanding Islamic militancy – Page 153 – L. Ali Khan – 2006 – 371 pages] The “antisemitism of the Arab world and the Muslim world.” The racist “long history of oppression against minorities in Arab countries.” [U.S. news & world report: Volume 131, Issues 8-18 – U.S. News Pub. Corp., 2001 – Page 120]


    The lying Arab-Palestinian Goliath machine not only lies and denies Israel’s extending more rights to Arabs than to Jews (like favortism in court, affirmative action and exemption from military service), but also fabricates “memorandums” like a supposed speech by N. Mandela which was actually written by an Arab residing in the Netherland… The Arab lobby also aided J. Carter (the one who wrote a hate book in 2006 with almost an exact title of that by Palestinian-Arab M. Bishara in 2002), who uttered anti-Jewish bigoted statements like: ‘stating Freeman’s recommendations for council board members contained “too many Jews.”‘ [Living in the Times of the Signs – Page 219 – David R. Barnhart – 2007 – 492 pages]


    The racist Arab “apartheid” slander campaign (like infamous ‘apartheid week’) has been rocked by usual anti-Jewish hatred outbursts, including calls to kill Jews, Swastikas, etc. [M. Ignatieff: Israel Apartheid Week and CUPE Ontario’s anti-Israel posturing should be condemned.” National Post, March 05, 2009] [“Swastikas and Ku Klux Klan Symbols during ‘Apartheid Week…” Israel National News, 3 Mar 2010]

  2. Do you know what are the “HARKIS” it was arab in french army against Algéria.. Do you know some jude work with nazi ? if you find somes people with different reason are like traitor..

    Israel pratice is apartheidand the origin of this state is disturbing
    if you was born in Palestine, how can you think the world ?

    1. The Harkis were Algerian arabs who had to flee persecution from their fellow Moslems because they had fought for the government during the Algerian war of independence during which atrocities were committed by both sides.
      That a handful of Jews either chose to or were coerced into aiding the Nazis is irrelevant. A handful of Britons aided the Nazis, this does not indicate that Britain is a Nazi country. That the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was an ardent supporter of Hitler and that the SS raised a Moslem division is more indicative of Nazi tendencies.
      If you are interested in apartheid ask yourself how a Jew would be treated in the West Bank.
      If I were born in Palestine I would be asking questions of the Arab governments who urged my grandparents to flee Israel in 1947 and then held them in despicable conditions as political pawns for more than 60 years.

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