How Hard Can it Be?

There has been a recent Islamic poster campaign declaring areas of London to be “Sharia Law Zones.” Reports are emerging of them spreading across cities in the United Kingdom.

The bright yellow posters say: “You are entering a Sharia-controlled zone – Islamic rules enforced.”

Jamaal Uddin pasting up a poster. Is this a clue for the police as to the identity of those pasting up sharia posters?

The posters include pictures which are crossed out in bold red typing
indicating that drinking, gambling, music and concerts, porn and prostitution,
drugs and smoking, are not allowed in the “zone.”

Although fly posting is a blight which should be punished by having the perpetrators scrape off the offending posters I have no objection to the content of the posters. Free speech is only truly free when it applies to people with whom you totally disagree, even Islamo-facists. However, if they attempted to enforce sharia law in Britain, and there are reports that this is happening in some areas, then they should be banged up.

The intriguing thing about the affair is not the posters but the behaviour of those whom one would suppose are tasked with investigating these actions. The police and local councils are baffled as to the identity of the perpetrators of this crime. We are told that they are “diligently working to identify the culprits.”

Those organising this campaign are self-seeking extremists totally unrepresentative of, and an embarrassment to, the great majority of Muslims in Britain. The campaign is being orchestrated by Anjem Choudary, the publicity hungry former lawyer who grew up in the UK, attended the University of Southampton, and is now spokesperson for the banned militant group Islam4UK.

Choudray has publicly claimed responsibility and his equally rabid chum Jamaal Uddin has been photographed sticking the posters up. Instead of looking at readily available photographs of the action we are told that Scotland Yard are diligently scouring cctv footage in attempts to “find the culprit.”

Perhaps I am being cynical but is it not possible that if a Christian had put up
posters saying “You are entering a Christian controlled zone. Shaira law is unequal, unjust and un-British” he would have been falling down the stairs at his local nick within the hour and charged with a hate crime.

Now, nearly a week after the posters appeared, no-one has been charged concerning the posters. Not even with fly posting. How hard can it be?


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