Riots Caused By Neglect

These riots had to happen. They are the inevitable product of social neglect.

Neglect by too many parents who have abandoned their role and accepted the nationalisation of parenthood by the social services departments of every council in Britain.

Neglect by schools who have been unfairly asked to take over the roles of parents whilst failing to fulfil their own role. 17% of children in England and Wales emerge from eleven years of school functionally illiterate. Teachers, when not indoctrinated with progressive ideology, have been hamstrung in their attempts to instil discipline and love of learning in their charges by educators who pursue political ends.

Neglect by a police service which has misunderstood its role in society and allowed itself to take on the mantle of uniformed social workers. The only way to reduce crime is not “understanding” hoodies, neither is it harsher prison sentences; it is through the certainty of being aprehended. This the police conspicuously fail to do. The chances of a criminal being caught are so low that many people don’t even bother to report crimes to the police.

Neglect by courts which have redefined wrongdoing, not as an act of personal responsibility which brings about consequences for victim and perpetrator, but as an illness and the perpetrators of crime as the victims of society.

Neglect by a political class which has resolutely attempted to buy votes with taxpayer’s money whilst ignoring taxpayer’s concerns. We have an entrenched political class marked by intellectual laziness, moral cowardice, incompetence and careerist opportunism.

In Britain we are certainly in for times of austerity. Politicians have spent our money with a profligacy which makes drunken sailors seem models of abstinence and prudence. Yet we have had times of far greater austerity, far greater danger, than this and managed to work our way out of them without taking to the streets and terrorising neighbourhoods.

These riots did not emerge from a cultural vacuum. They are the result of the progressive view that crime is an expression of rebellion against the injustices of society. They are the result of the foolishness of politicians who imagine that social problems can be alleviated by throwing money at them, and that to mention morality is judgemental. They are the result of an ideology which has perpetuated an underclass with no expectation of changing their lot and no tools to do so. They are the result of a mind set which rejects tough love and embraces entitlement. Progressive policies which reject the Christian based culture of this nation do not emancipate people they turn them into generational dependents, whilst at the same time consolidating the positions of those who hold the purse strings.

The rioters were not rioting for equality, they were not participating in a “Tottenham Summer” in the name of freedom. They were rioting for things and for the sheer hell of it. There are entire groups in this country who have no concept of civil society, no ideal higher than acquisition, no role model clearer than a rap singer or footballer. We have created people who totally lack self-respect but are full of self-esteem.

Today we are witnessing the failure of a progressive ideology which in a mere half century has completely altered the nature of a nation.

2 thoughts on “Riots Caused By Neglect

  1. I disagree – the riots weren’t inevitable. Each person had a choice to join the mob mentality and the spirit of lawlessness.
    But yes, people have been failed by the system as a result of the erosion of a belief in moral absolutes.

  2. What were the Glasgow razor gangs of the 50’s and 60’s caused by?
    The riots of the 1970’s?
    All of this at a basic level has always been true.

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