Maybe Last Post

I started this blog a year ago as an experiment, nothing published except here. It has been interesting. However, today is my last Sunday as a parish minister and this week we go off on holiday and then move house to Airth, birthplace of Robert Bruce. No not that Bruce, the other one.

When we come back and get settled down I will decide whether or not the experiment has been worthwhile and if I am going to resume blogging.

Meanwhile, it’s been fun and God bless.


8 thoughts on “Maybe Last Post

  1. Wishing you well for today Campbell and the move to Airth. May God be with you and the congregation too.

  2. Do Please carry on. In Scotland we need all the biblical sense we can get right now.

    Also, do you like Trams, football, parliamentary debate? There are plenty of vacancies.

  3. It has been fun (in a strange sort of way!) and I have appreciated your thoughtful insights into our beloved land’s religious progress ( or lack thereof!?)
    I really hope you will continue to “blog” after a good rest and a move to Airth of course.
    Every blessing
    Sh …..

  4. Thanks for all the words of ‘wisdom’ I shall miss the comment should you decide to remain offline. I think you have a unique talent for looking at the world from a true evangelical perspective. While not aways agreeing with the comment I found it so refreshing in this jumbled and so called world of progressives. God bless you Campbell.


  5. Dear Campbell, I do hope that you continue to blog, having very much appreciated your thoughts during the last few months. I’m just sorry I didn’t discover your blog earlier. All the very best for your retirement – but please keep writing!

  6. I should like to add my name to the demand that you keep the comments flowing, brother! Indeed, dare I say if you don’t it’ll amount to dereliction of duty?! In the present ecclesiastical turmoil we need all the leadership we can get..and done with a good dollop of cheeriness fair helps!!! Every blessing during your retirement which gives you even more opportuinity to ‘blog’. And just be thankful you aren’t a Free Presbyterian minister…they usually disdain the very idea of retiring, marching on even into their Nineties in some cases!

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