Look Out! He Has A Clipboard And Isn’t Afraid To Use It

Even bampots should feel free to protest. The Occupy London protesters may be self-regarding and sanctimonious, faulty in their analysis and confused in their solutions, nevertheless, if they feel strongly enough they should camp out in St Paul’s and shout to their heart’s content.

And They Want To Set The World To Rights

What is much less acceptable is the behaviour of the Chapter of St Paul’s. Initially the protesters were welcomed, they enabled the church to demonstrate its ‘right on’ credentials.

However, the protesters stayed. Visitor revenues fell. Lo and behold along came a health and safety inspector who decreed that it was too dangerous to allow services to continue whilst the protesters were encamped. As a result the services at St Paul’s today were held behind closed doors.

I would urge the protesters not to give in to the moral blackmail of the Chapter.

The protesters argue, quite plausibly, that there is no danger posed by their encampment. Their presence is peaceable and they have no intention of blocking the exits in the case of a catastrophic fire. This is something the possibility of which clearly keeps the Chapter awake at nights, St Paul’s having a long history of catastrophic fires. After all you never know when the Luftwaffe might return.

In ancient Rome Christians met in secret because they faced the very real prospect of being a lion’s lunch. In England Anglicans such as Latimer and Ridley braved the fire for their faith. In Scotland the Covenanters met in the hills because of the all too real prospect of imprisonment, torture and death at the hands of Episcopalians. The Christians of China met in secret because they faced concentration camps. The Christians of the Confessing Church faced the might and hatred of the Nazi state and risked everything, and sometimes paid with their lives, for the necessity to preach and live the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Chapter of St Paul’s crumble before a health and safety man armed with a clipboard.

The protesters may well be bampots, but at least they have convictions.


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