Mary’s Song

For those of you who follow the Christian Year next Sunday should be the beginning of the Advent season. Here is a hymn for you to consider during the coming month. It is sung to the tune of Burn’s song Ye banks and braes.

Oh sweetly sings the servant girl

As she pours out her humble cry.

It is my Lord come down to me

How great His love for such as I.

For I am poor of humble lot

Too young to know the pains of life,

That I should bring the Son of God

Into a world of hurt and strife.


And yet I know what I must do

Before a world so deep in sin.

I’ll bear the hurt, the sneers, the taunts

So that the Christ may enter in.

It is the plan of Him on high

Who answers to His people’s pain.

So gladly I accept His will

That all the world should know the gain.


This painful honour is my choice

And through it, all will know His love.

As one of us He takes on flesh

And leaves His glory far above.

He comes, my son and Lord, to serve,

We wait with longing for no more.

True God, true man, among us walks

Rejected, shunned, yet we adore.

T. Ye banks and braes


One thought on “Mary’s Song

  1. Better to forget these songs and the various undercurrents they bring into the Church and get back to Christ in the Psalms. Psalm 40 says it supremely.

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