Podgy Pianist Pressures President

There are few things more awe inspiring than the effortless hypocrisy of progressives. It can’t be deliberate because, despite their tenuous grip on reality, they are true believers. It must be the natural condition of any who fall into the stew of progressivism that they become blind to their own failings.

Back in September singer Sir Elton John, serial plagiarist Johan Hari, drug abuser Michael George and other high profile homosexuals fronted a campaign for action against African states which discriminated against homosexuals.

The Government's International Aid Adviser

The project was successful in the UK where aid to African countries is already being cut after pressure. International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell has said that African countries which discriminate against homosexuals will have their aid cut. Mr Mitchell has said that the UK has already cut aid to Malawi by £19 million. Mr Mitchell is also threatening to impose further aid ‘fines’ against Uganda and Ghana because of their laws criminalising homosexual activity.

Kaeleidoscope, the organisation heading this movement in the UK is supported by Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, as well as by Labour leader Ed Miliband. Mr Cameron said: “In some countries, it’s simply appalling how people can be treated – how their rights are trampled on and the prejudices, and even violence, they suffer. I want Britain to be a global beacon for reform.”

Mr Miliband said: “I am proud to offer my support to Kaleidoscope to protect people from prejudice and persecution across the world.”

Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow has agreed to become Kaleidoscope’s honorary president.

At the end of last month a conference of Anglicans in Ghana recently issued a statement which put this policy squarely in its colonial setting: “We were shocked by the recent statement from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the Right Honourable David Cameron, to the effect that his Government would aid only those countries that adhere to ‘proper human rights’. It is clear that his true agenda is to force the normalization of homosexuality and gay marriage as a ‘human right’. While acknowledging the sacred worth of every human being we reject this erroneous notion as contrary to God’s intention for humankind and harmful to those he claims to protect. Another implication of this is that the ‘Commonwealth of Nations’ is still being treated as a body of unequal partners, where, because of economic status, some nations are still vulnerable to manipulation.”

After the UK succumbed to celeb pressure the next to fall was Obama’s Washington. This week Hilary Clinton has announced that US aid will be conditional on a country’s treatment of its homosexual community. Thus if a poverty stricken country in African or Asia where people are starving, where medical attention is but a dream, where children have no hope of an education has the temerity to have anti-homosexual laws on its books then they will be denied help. As one US magazine terms it this policy is attempting to “Starve out homophobia.”

Just imagine the outcry from progressives if an earlier US president had decided that aid would dependent upon the promotion of Christianity in the recipient countries. Progressives would be in danger of apoplexy. The BBC would have documentaries by the hour, the Guardian would fulminate about colonialism and the evil of the moralisation of aid.

Yet it is not colonialism or the moralisation of aid which progressives dislike, it is when colonialism or aid is used to further moral values of which they disapprove. When it is a case of colonial power being employed in order to further the progressive agenda then it is seen as a commendable action.

This is a case of colonial economic muscle being employed to force the benighted natives to adopt western values and attitudes whether they like it or not, and progressives love it. Aid is being used as a tool of social engineering, “Be like the west or starve,” and progressives wholeheartedly approve.

Perhaps African hostility to homosexuality is a sign of a culture recognising an immoral act for what it is and through legislation trying to protect their society from some of the gradual disintegration the west is undergoing. Violence and hatred against homosexuals is a wrong response to wrong behaviour. Attempting to use economic force to starve a population into compliance is also wrong. Once again progressives employ force rather than reasoned argument.


5 thoughts on “Podgy Pianist Pressures President

  1. Another good and courageous piece Campbell. Thanks again. Do you get any hate mail, or do “progressives” just not know about your blogs?

  2. Hi Campbell. You say:

    “Perhaps African hostility to homosexuality is a sign of a culture recognising an immoral act for what it is and through legislation trying to protect their society from some of the gradual disintegration the west is undergoing.”

    My suspicion is that their motivation is not this noble, rather it is an institutionalised act of bullying & aggression toward a group of people who receive much of the blame for society’s ills. You hinted as much yourself in the quote above. Gay people in these countries are scapegoats, in other words.

    In this sense they are no different from Christians in Egpyt, or other predominantly Muslim countries where Christians are given a hard time by the people & state.

    You draw an equivalence between economic coercion to comply with Western human rights conventions, and the promotion of Christianity. I do not agree that these are equivalent; what I would see as equivalent would be economic coercion to stop the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries receiving aid from us, and that is something I would also support.

  3. As usual Jennifer your comments are reasoned and compassionate. This time, much as I sympathise with their tenor, I cannot completely agree with them.

    I am sure that there is scapegoating going on. None of us have entirely unmixed motives. All politicians employ scapegoats, especially corrupt politicians. If there had been no background of anti-homosexual legislation and widespread cultural rejection of the practice you would have a cogent point. However, throughout Africa there exists pre-existent legislation against homosexual practice which is not, as progressives suggest the legacy of imperialism but is in accord with pervasive cultural norms.

    The situation of persecuted Christians concerns us all and most of us think that politicians in the west ignore them through trepidation concerning a combination of militant progressivism and radical Islam. Aid however, should not be contingent upon rejection of an anti-Christian stance, but should be a response to need. I suspect that most Christians, including yourself would agree with this.

    Practically all Muslim dominated countries to some extent actively persecute Christians, Pakistan included. Yet not long ago when there were serious earthquakes in Pakistan churches were eager to contribute aid to the suffering. At the time of the devastating Pacific tsunami we saw need, in predominately Muslim countries, and responded to it without concern for ideology. My abiding memory of that time is of my Session Clerk week after week beginning the service with appeals for the “victims of that terrible Somali.” And my congregation, in one of the most deprived parishes in the country, responded sacrificially.

    Aid the most needy of any country should be a response to existent need, not to the ideology of the powerful within a nation.

  4. All these Western promoters of perversion surely intensify the hostility to God, His Law and His people. Let us be under no illusion- they bring down the wrath of God on themselves and also upon us as a people who have thought to defy the warnings and protections that God’s Law provides. By thinking we know better, are ‘more tolerant’, we simply invite sin to engulf us, our families and communities and allow destructive sin to flourish. Our spiritually ignorant government has made its blinded choice against God. They will pay the price and sadly, covenantally so shall some of us whom they represent. A plague on them all.

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