God Is The Issue

In Britain we are assured that there is no such thing as a culture war, that is something which only occurs in the USA where rabid right wingers try to cling to the past, or as Obama would have it where they hold on to “Their religion and their guns.”

Obama's Idea Of Elementary School In The Ozarks

To some extent this is true, in Britain there is no culture war, at most there are a few guerrilla skirmishes, but the war is over and we have lost. Progressive ideology holds the high ground in politics, academia, media and the church. The success of progressive ideology is complete, they have captured the cultural high ground and therefore control what the disparaged and distrusted hoi poloi see, read, hear and think. The question is why, what has brought this about?

There are numerous reason why the UK should differ from the USA. Whilst the bastions of cultural formation have fallen in the USA they still have outlets where the ordinary people can express their views. The main two of these are a widespread free broadcast media, and a cantankerous church which insists on sticking with the Bible. In the UK Christianity has at best retreated, has generally capitulated and at worst collaborated. Christianity has been quite deliberately replaced by the dogmas of multicultural relativism and silenced by the absolutisation of minority rights.

In the UK morality has become privatised and at the same time individual conscience has been universalised. Everyone it is proclaimed has the right to their own truth, but that truth must coincide with received standards. We are left with the illusion of individual freedom in the midst of stifling conformity. Moral legitimacy lies only within a vision of universal progressivism expressed through the dictats of an intellectual elite, the vanguard of a new society. And they are winning.

The success of this deliberate attempt at the destruction of a culture is exemplified by the alliance of militant fundamentalist Islam which denies female equality and preaches death to homosexuals with self-styled progressives who have replaced Christianity with the godless religion of totalitarian amoralism where anything goes. The virulent opposition of both to traditional Christianity harms not just Christians but society in general, including the majority of mainstream Muslims who just wish to get on with their own lives.

Completely opposed in their eschatology and values their differences have been put aside in pursuit of the shared aim of destroying what they see as the main obstacle to their differing ideas of success, the Christian foundations of Western society. Christianity, with its emphasis on personal responsibility before God engenders what our modern totalitarians see as a dangerous spirit of individual liberty.

Totalitarians Make Common Cause

This is perhaps best exemplified by the alliance of such as the Socialist Unity Network and Revolutionary Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist Leninist) along with individuals such as film maker Ken Loach and ex-MP George Galloway, with the more extreme elements of British Muslim society to form the Respect Party.

Whilst Galloway and his rabid chums are easily dismissed as being on the extreme fringes of British political and cultural life it has to be recognised that they are the easily identified examples of more widespread and deeply entrenched attitudes.

Last month the Iranian and Kurdish Women’s Rights Organisation issued a report on ‘honour-based’ violence in the UK with incidents running at at least 2,832 last year. In all of its reports the BBC News referred to these incidents as occurring within the ‘ethnic communities.’ There was no acknowledgement that ‘honour-based’ killings and assaults are practically always confined to Muslim families.

In the struggle of worldviews it should be recognised that the greatest contemporary difference between the USA and the UK in their attitudes to cultural conflict is that in the USA the church has not been overwhelmed.

Mainstream neo-Protestant denominations such as the Episcopal Church USA are pretty much collaborationist with progressives having captured the levers of power and influence. However, the result is that such denominations are fading fast with members vanishing like snow off a dyke.

BBC Idea Of A Typical American Evangelical

Despite the propaganda of the mainstream media in the UK not all American evangelicals are rural fundamentalist retards stuck in the 1920’s and not all their leaders spend their time appearing on TV piously requesting donations for their “prayer ministry” whilst driving Cadillacs and screwing anything with a pulse. Within American evangelicalism there is a strongly intellectual element which is much more influential within the church than occurs in the UK.

This leads to greater confidence in both pulpit and pew with the consequence that American evangelicals are much more likely to speak out, to reject being spoon fed progressive platitudes either from the TV screen or the pulpit.

In the UK we must recover that confidence in the Bible and its message. Our nation was shaped by Christianity, our laws, attitudes and culture have grown out of Biblical Christianity. At root the issue is not a matter of scaremongering newspaper headlines or muttering about political correctness over a pint. At root God is the issue. How we understand and respond to His revelation of Himself.

Abraham Kuyper famously said “There is not one thumb’s breadth of all creation of which God does not say “Mine.”‘  As the tide begins to turn we must be prepared to speak out for truth, for it is the truth which shall make us free.


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