They are everywhere. Open a newspaper, switch on the TV, go to the pub, and especially if you go to church, you will inevitably be confronted by tolerancemongers. From prescriptive governments to humanitarian charities in their unctuous pomp to bishops in their mitres these insistent people continue with their destructive mantra of “We should all try to live together happily without judging each other, whatever our beliefs, habits, inclinations or traditions.”

" If You Don't Behave Yourself ..."

Now not all these do gooding tolerancemongers are in it for the power and the typically fascist rush of being able to tell the rest of us what to do and think. Many of them genuinely believe that if we follow their message it will do us good, a bit like stern Victorian parents “Swallow this medicine, it may taste foul but you’ll be the better for it; Mother knows best.” They think we need their prescription otherwise our innate cruelty would get the better of us and spew forth, and they ought to stop that.

If we are creating a fundamentally rootless society in Britain, and it certainly seems that way, then the tolerancemongers are only making things worse.

They destroy the idea of values which are universal. There are things which no-one should tolerate. When values become malleable and we are supposed to respect and allow any belief and practice no matter how absurd or heinous then there is no defence against the absurd and heinous. When what is absurd or heinous is decided by the latest fashion amongst the trendy elites who shape our society, particularly the media, then we are subject to an ever changing value system, and when values change constantly there are no values.

Yesterday’s report from Essex University, finding that over the last decade Britain has become a more dishonest and cynical country comes as no surprise. The study found that we Britons are significantly more likely to lie and cheat than we were 10 years ago.

According to the report less than 20% of us would hand back money we found in the street. Just a decade ago it was 40%. Today more than 60% of us are prepared to lie, and 30% would contemplate buying goods we know to be stolen. We could well ask: What sort of nation have we become?

Those raised before societal tolerance and malleable values became the controlling ethos de jour, those aged over 45, remain decent people, but attitudes have changed sharply for the worse among the young.

Saturday Night In Britain

We should not however, condemn these youngsters out of hand. They are merely reproducing the self-interest and contempt for decency and standards they see among the most powerful people in our society, whether prime ministers and politicians, media barons and newspaper editors, or even police chiefs.

Ultimately, however, the blame must lie with those with a responsibility for giving moral guidance.

The church, especially the neo-Protestant progressive pastiche which passes as a church, practices a strangely modern form of the heresy of docetism. Docetism argues that Christ was not a real human being but only seemed human to us.

In the progressive concept of Christ we do not have a Jesus who was God made true flesh, one of us, going to work on a building site, knowing our lives as they truly are, even tempted as we are; instead we are presented with an emasculated Jesus, a goody-goody Jesus wandering through Israel thinking good thoughts with a sad smile on His face, a prototypical Green Party councillor with added prayer. For them Jesus is a politically correct shell of a man, a wimp with a halo. He probably even eats tofu.

When Jesus encountered the woman taken in adultery he demonstrated the hypocrisy of her accusers. This does not mean that He accepted her adultery, He told her to “Go and sin no more.” He did not say “Your alternative lifestyle is something I respect, we must each find our own way to happiness.”

Jesus was not a “Whatever floats your boat” kind of guy, He was intolerant. Think of what he said concerning those who caused one of His little ones to sin, it would be better for them to have a millstone tied round their necks and be thrown into the sea rather than falling into His hands.

If teenagers think getting blitzed out of their minds and spewing in the street is cool I strongly suspect that they will receive more understanding from Christ than those who created a society in which this is normal behaviour.


One thought on “Tolerancemongers

  1. How very true your observations on the disingenuous nature of unlimited tolerance are! There is however both an acceptable and unacceptable aspect to Toleration. After all, the Church of Scotland is virtually founded on the principle as it was reluctantly but with relief accepted after the Killings Times in 1690. And Toleration is a quality that God Himself extends to all us fallen rebels of Adam. There is an acceptable range to toleration that mirrors God’s Longsuffering to sinners.
    That said, Toleration without limit, absolutised, must become a nightmarish ideal. God’s civic laws in the O.T. give us clear warning of where the limits ought to be set if we don’t wish our society to descend into either chaos or enslavement. We despise the general equity of that wisdom at our peril. The Kirk seems hell bent on tolerating what just a few decades back would have been quite repugnant to most churchmen! Protest and Reform are th urgent spiritual needs of the day- along with personal humbling and consecration. Then we might at last start to see an end to the brainwashing of our children into the cynical, self destructive, grossly immoral nihilism of the Sixties Establishment.

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