“I Wish To Extend My Deep Regret”

The one good thing with regard to the abject apology made by the president of the United States to Karzai is that it was, as usual with Obama, intensely personal. “I wish to express my deep regret for the reported incident. . . . I extend to you and the Afghani people my sincere apologies.” It is doubtful that the American people are quite so willing to make a wretched act of contrition over what was at most an administrative error.

I Just Want To Apologise - Again

What we in Britain do not get on the BBC is the story behind the burning. This was not the deliberate destruction by the US military of enemy religious artifacts.

The Korans in question were the property of the US military having been supplied by them to imprisoned jihaidis. The soldiers ordered to burn refuse from the jail were not the officials who had confiscated the books, they had no idea they were burning Korans, and tried desperately to retrieve them when the situation was brought to their attention.

The United States military is under no obligation to provide any reading material to its enemy prisoners, the people who are continually trying to murder them.  It is difficult to imagine many armies supplying their violent prisoners with the very written material they employ as a pretext for murder and atrocity. Importantly the military exercised its right to remove the books from its library after finding that were being used as a means of passing messages between prisoners.

This of course is of no interest whatsoever to the BBC. On the Sunday programme yesterday Edward Stourton, during an interview on the subject, gave the impression that the riots and murders in Afghanistan were down to the fact that the American military were not given enough ‘sensitivity’ training. It would seem for some the lack of ‘sensitivity’ by the American military towards those trying to murder them is far more worthy of attention than a religion which sees nationwide riot and murder as a proper and proportionate response to an honest mistake.

Mainstream Muslims Protest

We should remember that those rioting and killing because of the inadvertent burning of the books are not Taliban or Al Qaeda, rather they are what are termed ordinary ‘mainstream’ Muslims .The ‘religion of peace’ seems to operate on a system of proportionality which says, “You burn books, we kill people.”

If Afghan Muslims are unhappy with what happened maybe they should channel their anger toward the individual prisoners who “defiled” the Korans by writing in them.  It is unreasonable to expect that the U.S. military should be compliant with sharia religious law when the most fundamentalist of Muslims are apparently exempt from it.

The unintentional burning would not have occurred if these “fiercely protective of their Islamic faith” Afghans had not defiled the Korans in the first place. But it seems that we are supposed to keep quiet about intentional Muslim defilement of the Koran but make grovelling apologies for unintentional Kafir defilement of the Koran.

So far more than thirty people have been killed in the riots and hundreds injured. This is a normal reaction from within the religion of peace. Most Muslim violence, however,  is deployed against other Muslims. Sunnis and Shiites are constantly at loggerheads and no-one has any time for the Ahmadis. Often these Muslim on Muslim incidents are full blown atrocities involving not only murder but the deliberate torching of homes and ‘heretical’ mosques.

By necessity this means that Muslims are destroying Korans by burning. But this is OK for those who are “fiercely protective of their Islamic faith.”

We should also understand that it is all too common in Muslim countries for articles associated with other faiths to be burned, not in error but as a matter of deliberate policy. In our ally Saudi Arabia it is against the law for Jews and Christians to bring Bibles, crucifixes, or a Star of David into the country. If discovered such articles will be confiscated and destroyed. This is shameful and deliberate abuse of Non-Muslims and their religions.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology, either from the sharia controlled governments responsible or their willing apologists in the West. According to the logic of Obama, apology is the acceptable reaction to this incident because we must accept that Muslims have such an extraordinary ardour for their religion that barbaric reactions to trivial slights are inevitable and wholly understandable.

Meanwhile, in Iran, a Christian pastor sits in the condemned cell awaiting death for the crime of questioning the “Muslim monopoly on the religious instruction of children in Iran.” Despite threats and treatment which is barely human Youcef Nadarkhani, arrested in 2009, continues to refuse to renounce Jesus Christ, repent, and embrace Islam. As a result his death by hanging appears imminent.  The original charge of “protesting” was later changed to “apostasy” or abandoning Islam,- and “evangelising Muslims,” both of which carry the death sentence.

Obama should reflect that after his open profession of conversion to Christ, if he were in Iran in Nadarkhani’s place, he too would be facing the same fate for rejecting the faith of his Muslim ancestors.

Obama obviously cares deeply that some Korans were mistakenly incinerated. Perhaps he should also care deeply that Youcef Nadarkhani might hang.


2 thoughts on ““I Wish To Extend My Deep Regret”

  1. You say: “The United States military is under no obligation to provide any reading material to its enemy prisoners, the people who are continually trying to murder them.”
    Don’t you think that the people of Afghanistan are under no obligation to provide any justification to the United States military as to why they will hate them and resists them until the damn bastards leave their country and go back home to their Yankee dwellings?
    Do you know how many afghan family have died from erroneous targeting by the coward United States military operated drones?
    You are obviously completely ignoring the fact that the United States military together with the rest of the NATO thugs have traveled thousands of miles to invade and further destroy a nonbelligerent country. It has in the process killed many thousand innocent Afghan civilians. It has most importantly prolonged the suffering of the Afghan people maybe by a few decades, just like the Russian invasion did a decade before.

    1. Like you I don’t think that we should have military forces in Afghanistan. Unfortunately you seem to be somewhat blinkered in your selective indignation.

      Clearly the Afghan people have reason to hate a foreign military who have entered their country in a failed attempt to counter the rabid Islamic terrorism emanating from within Afghanistan. If I were a gang member I too might hate the police who came into my house in search of drugs and weapons.

      It is obvious that what is nauseatingly termed ‘collateral damage,’ and has happened in every war since time began, is also occuring in Afghanistan and the US military have a very poor record. However, the majority of deaths in that country have been Afghans murdering Afghans in the name of Islam, the collateral damage caused by Afghans on other Afghans seems to have escaped your notice. In the riots over the burning of a book more than thirty people were murdered, just two of them Americans. How’s that for collateral damage?

      Drones are no more ‘cowardly’ than going without a uniform and merging with a crowd of civilians in order to plant bombs which will kill them. Any military commander will use the methods which are most effective for a particular task and your supposedly high minded moralising will not affect that.

      That Afghanistan is a ‘non-belligerent country’ is a moot point. It is indisputable that it provided a safe haven for terrorists and their training camps. The Taliban, once overthrown are making a come back and if they gain power will continue to promote murder and mayhem through the region and infect the rest of the world. If the Taliban do return to power we will see further destabilisation in an already volatile area, a nuclear armed Pakistan will go further down the road of militant Islam and the likelihood of war with India will increase.

      Should we should leave them to their medieval culture; imprisoning women for the crime of having been raped, throwing acid in the faces of girls who have the audacity to go to school, whipping men who don’t grow a beard, persecuting everyone who does not sign up to their barbaric theology, and be ruled by people so violently corrupt they would make Al Capone look like a model of decorum and fiscal probity?

      The hell hole that is Afghanistan is not worth the life of one British or American soldier.

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