Relentless Progressivism

If you encounter an ex-smoker he is sure to lecture you on the evils of smoking, how it stinks up your breath, soaks up your cash and eventually kills you. He speaks from experience, he has been there and knows first hand the results of the addiction.

My motivation is that I am an ex-progressive. I have read the books, I have been on the marches, I have proselytised. I have been there, and know the results. Exposure to the addiction of full blown progressivism either rots the brain or invokes revulsion.

So many fall into the trap. You are young and idealistic, fresh and full of hope. One day you are sitting in the college cafeteria and a sociology lecturer sidles up to you and mutters “Would you like to see this?” He pulls back his jacket to reveal a Guardian.

When you wake up several years later you find yourself wearing sandals, eating tofu, with a joint honours degree in Media Studies and Underwater Basket Weaving and a job as a Diversity Officer in your local council.

Just say “No!”

The progressive assault on society is everywhere, from the Church to the media to politics. Wherever it touches there is decay.

Your challenge for the week is to find a more deranged effort of publicity seeking theological decay in the Church than that portrayed by Dr Susannah Cornwall a researcher at Manchester University’s Lincoln Theological Institute. Dr Cornwall describes her occupation as “research and writing in feminist theology, sexuality, gender, embodiment, ethics and other fun things like that”.

Dr Cornwall has recently written a paper titled: Intersex and Ontology: A Response to the Church, Women Bishops and Provision. In all seriousness she writes: “It is not possible to assert with any degree of certainty that Jesus was male as we now define maleness. We cannot know for sure that Jesus was male, since we do not have a body to examine.” She continues to defend her argument on her blog where she writes that “Jesus’ maleness is simply a best guess.”

Dr Cornwall’s thesis is straightforward. There is a very small minority of people at either end of the gender bell curve whose sexuality is not unambiguous, these people she refers to as being “intersex.” Therefore it follows (in Dr Cornwall’s logic) that there is no real scriptural authority that bishops should be male. After all, Jesus could have been “intersex” Her evidence for this? Obvious, He didn’t marry or have children.

This is not theology, this is campaigning for a particular progressive viewpoint. In this case it is targeting the Church, but it is part of a relentless push throughout every facet of culture to reconfigure society in the image of a progressive utopia. Dr Cornwall admits as much when she writes: “In my first book, I argued that theological and social uncertainty about sex is really uncertainty about lots of other things: about power, authority, perfection.”

Dr Cornwall’s primarily interest is not theology, it is in challenging and changing the way people think and act, and gaining acceptance for an all encompassing understanding of society where anything and everything is accepted, and the more outlandish the more welcome.

Progressives dominate the media, especially the state funded broadcast media. The BBC pushes the environmentalist propaganda so relentlessly that it makes sensible people so fed up that they want to go out and drown polar bears.

It’s not just the BBC. A few days ago, to mark the end of Occupy London, on Channel 4 News Jon Snow hosted a discussion on Occupy between an occupier and the past president of the National Union of Students. This was the chap who ‘organised’ the student fees demonstrations last year which degenerated into riots and scenes of anarchy. The discussion was basically about finding the most effective way of overthrowing society. There was not even a hint that there might be any other viewpoint.

That’s the way totalitarian progressives work, completely blank out the possibility of a rational alternative. What has to be grasped is that we are not facing isolated incidents, but rather a cultural tide on all fronts.

In the UK, despite the plethora of smaller parties we basically retain a two party system, Conservatives and Labour. Plus, for charity’s sake, the Liberal Democrats, those people who write their manifesto in brightly coloured crayon.

All main parties are culturally progressive, think the traditional family has had its day and wish to promote ‘alternative’ lifestyles. Yes, the misnamed Conservatives just as much as Labour and the loony Lib Dems.

Today Keith O’Brien, Scotland’s leading Roman Catholic, rightly describes the government’s proposals to allow same-sex unions as “madness” and a “grotesque subversion of a universally accepted human right.” On the other hand Prime Minister David Cameron, who is a Conservative but not a conservative, is said by a government spokesman to be “passionate” about seeing legislation allowing same-sex unions enacted.

There will be a Budget in a few weeks. Is there anyone holding their breath waiting for family friendly tax policies? There is no mainstream political party promoting values which could be described as even vaguely biblically based.

If you find yourself already trapped in the mindbending morass of progressive totalitarianism don’t despair. There is a way out. It isn’t easy but it is possible. What you have to do is open your eyes and really look hard at the world around you. See what is going on and, most importantly, begin to think for yourself and question the mainstream. Be a rebel.

Sure, going cold turkey is frightening, and you may have a relapse and find yourself doing something crazy like nodding in agreement with George Monbiot, but don’t give up, the struggle is worth it. Progressivism may be all warm and fuzzy and accepting, but it can’t beat the cold clear light of reality.

Come on, reject progressivism and join the grown ups, “You know it makes sense.”


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