It’s Time To Stop Pretending

The public recognise that most police officers do the best they can and value and respect those who do a job we wouldn’t want to do ourselves. There are police officers who are competent, courageous and compassionate. Unfortunately there are also police officers who are incompetent, lazy, violent and corrupt who bring the police into disrepute.  Yet none do more to destroy the acceptance by the public of the police than the official police services themselves.

Instead of seeing themselves as defenders of the public and impartial guardians of the law, those leading our police forces increasingly see themselves, and act, as the enforcement arm of the behaviour politics mentioned in the last post.

The most emotive issue in the news in Britain this week is the conviction and sentencing of a group of men on charges of rape, sexual abuse and trafficking for sexual purposes of a number of vulnerable girls, some aged as young as thirteen. Eight of the men are Pakistani, one an Afghani, the girls are indigenous white. The ducking and diving by media outlets and politicians to avoid saying that the perpetrators were Muslims has been extraordinary.

The gang lured an officially estimated 47 girls (there may well be more) aged in their early teens with gifts, alcohol and drugs in order to lure them into becoming sexual objects for them and their friends. One 13 year old was forced to have sex with 20 men in one night. The gang targeted girls whom they considered racially, religiously and morally inferior. In most normal societies this would be considered racism.

Mohammed Shariq, head of the Radadan Foundation, summed up the case thus:

“There is a significant problem for the British Pakistani community, there is an over-representation amongst recent convictions in the crime of on-street grooming, there should be no silence in addressing the issue of race as this is central to the actions of these criminals. They think that white teenage girls are worthless and can be abused without a second thought; it is this sort of behaviour that is bringing shame on our community. I urge the police and the councils not to be frightened to address this issue, there is a strong lesson that you cannot ignore race or be over sensitive.’

These cases raise questions about the effectiveness of anti-racist groups in getting their message into the Asian community. There is a lamentable amount of racism that goes unheeded and unchecked in the Asian community.

It is time to stop pretending otherwise.”

Despite several other prominent British Pakistanis acknowledging that this is a problem for their community our police forces choose to pretend otherwise and insist that racism is not an elemnt in these crimes. In this they are backed by the progressive media.

As he sentenced the child rapists the judge remarked that, “you preyed on girls because they were not part of your community or religion.” Nevertheless, Greater Manchester Police denied that there was a “racial or cultural” element to the gang’s crimes.

The police certainly need to create a controversy to divert attention from their appalling errors. When the first girl came forward to the police in 2008 to say she had been repeatedly raped by the gang her allegations were not taken seriously and she was sent back out into the hands of her abusers. In the four months following her initial complaint she was passed around various houses and flats where she was raped, sometimes by five men, up to four or five days a week.

Perceptions are distorted by the inherent racism and class arrogance of our intellectual, political and media elites. This leads them into contortions of self-censorship and attempts to limit our free speech. We must not mention that a small number of Muslims did a bad thing, otherwise they fear that the allegedly racist and scorned white working class might explode in vicious race baiting.

Generally speaking the overwhelming majority of sex crimes against young girls are committed by white men, if for no other reason than that the overwhelming majority of men in Britain are white. However, this particular phenomenon of street gangs in northern towns deliberately targeting vulnerable white girls and passing them around for sex is disproportionately committed by Muslims. Early last year, the Times reported that 50 of the 56 men convicted in 17 street-grooming prosecutions from 13 northern towns and cities were Muslim.

When the police in attempting to deflect criticism of their appalling failures in this case maintain that it has nothing to do with race they are partially correct. It has more to do with culture and the religion which shapes that culture. There are many communities from Asia who have no record of systematic grooming of white girls. There have been no Pakistani Christian paedophile rings brought to trial, or groups of Indian Hindu child rapists, or Chinese Budhists ganging up to pass children around.

Refusal to acknowledge and develop a coherent response to racial and religious issues does nothing to preserve community harmony. Rather, by ignoring their concerns, it pushes some white working class people into the arms of the odious Nick Griffin and his intellectually limited and ethically blind followers in the BNP, the true racists.

We must also recognise that it is not just the Pakistani Muslim community which has a problem. Many of these children were in the ‘care’ of the state.

It is estimated that there are now some 80,000 children in care, perhaps four times that living in what are termed ‘chaotic’ homes. As cases like that in Rochdale show there are large numbers of young girls open to being targeted for exploitation. In the midst of this the fear of making a moral judgement is so great that our progressive authorities choose to officially sanction children being sexually active.

Our progressive state has failed such children.


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