The Last Post

After writing this blog for nearly two years and 250 posts I have decided to call it a day. This is my last post and from now on I shall concentrate on writing fiction.

There are three reasons for this.

1                    A Grain of Sand gets approximately 180 – 200 hits per day, mostly return visitors. A short story or radio play can reach many thousands.

2                    By spreading the same message in a creative way it is possible to reach people who would otherwise never be aware that there was an alternative viewpoint.

3                    A desire to maintain my aniseed balls and soor ploom habit. Even the simplest short story earns more than a blog ever could.

It’s been fun.


8 thoughts on “The Last Post

  1. I will miss the blog, challenged my thinking at times, and often refuelled my tanks for dealing with some of the current issues in my place of work. What if we all paid for the blogs with a 1/4 of sweets.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts – I’ve found your insights perceptive and refreshing. “All power is given unto Me – go” therefore and make the Gospel known in new ways.

  3. Really sorry it’s the ‘last post’. every success in your continued writing. Must have a coffee sometime ? Regards Donald Kennedy. Sherwood Greenlaw

  4. I’ll miss it, Campbell! I think my favourite was ‘Do you take this woman..?’ – hadn’t laughed so much for a long time! We could do worse than having you as the King’s Grandfather!

  5. Thanks so much for your amazing/fascinating/illuminating/challenging blogs, I so appreciated them. How will we get to read your ongoing work?

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