A cry frequently heard from the Progressive flock is that “You don’t need to believe in God to be a good person.” That they are totally unable to produce one theologian of repute, one church leader of any standing, or simply one Christian believer who actually maintains that you cannot be a morally good person unless you are a Christian never crosses their feeble minds. Being short of legitimate arguments Progressives construct straw men and feel clever and virtuous when they knock them down.

Progressives Debate With Christians

Christians do not need to construct straw men, Progressives give us enough openings. They actually do believe that unless you are of their ilk you, at the very least, harbour racist, fascist, vile and despicable tendencies. They also believe that without the control of a benevolent state you will enact these fascistic tendencies.

The NASUWT (National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers) is the largest teachers’ union in the UK. At last week’s Labour Party conference its Deputy General Secretary Dr Patrick Roach claimed that free schools, those free of direct state control, will become incubators of the vilest of attitudes and actions.

Dr Patrick Roach

Speaking at a Unite Against Fascism fringe meeting Roach said that deregulated schools would become breeding grounds for racism and fascism. Without the oversight of the kindly progressive state controlling their nastier impulses parents and teachers would allow or even encourage pupils to indulge in the worst excesses of racial divisiveness. Without the state the schools would no longer be forced to “engage young people in learning and education around citizenship and values in terms of multiculturalism.”

Progressives believe that if the state is not in control to instruct children to be respectful of others then those children, encouraged no doubt by their parents and teachers, will rapidly devolve into hateful little monsters. Progressives actually do believe that unless you sign up to the whole Progressive rag bag of beliefs you will inevitably become a bad person.

It does not seem to have occurred to Dr Roach that there might be something of a problem contained in the argument that without total state control of the indoctrination of children we will descend into fascism, which believes in the total state control of the indoctrination of children.

Perhaps it is time for the rest of us to argue that, “You don’t have to believe in Progressivism to be a good person.”


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