A recent comment from brian boru, printed unedited below, on the post Unrepentant deserves a full response.

Hobsbawm was a jew and was naturally supportive of a system created by jews for jews. The vast majority of the victims of communism in Russia and eastern Europe were non-jews. The vast majority of the leadership of the Bolsheviks under Lenin were jews and they were financed by jewish bankers from New York. The GULAG was founded and run by jews, as identified by Solzhenitsyn, and virtually all the leadership of the secret police was jewish. Stalin put jews in charge of all the conquered nations behind the Iron Curtain. He knew that they would gleefully crush the locals.Hobsbawm could undoubtedly have easily swapped places with such characters as Rakosi in Hungary or Pauker in Romania. Naturally, there is a double standard when dealing with creatures like him and someone like David Irving. Irving made the mistake of doing original research and demonstrated inconvenient facts which undermined ‘approved’ history. History is an agreed upon set of lies by the victors, ie Hobsbawm and his supporters, not the truth, as the public might think. For that Irving has spent time in prison and become a pariah. Isn’t democracy great!

Yes, democracy is great, especially when we consider the alternatives. As for the rest of the comment let’s look at it.

Most agree that the communist system was founded largely on the writings of Marx and Engels, both atheists with Jewish ancestry. Both also, anti-Semites. Paul Johnson writes: “Marx had accepted much of the mythology of anti-Semitism in that he dismissed Judaism as a reflection of the money-lending era of capitalism. When the revolution came it was doomed to disappear: there would be no such person as a ‘Jew’.”

Whilst I have no wish to claim Marx or Engels for Christianity it would be easier to argue that they were far more influenced by Christian teaching than Jewish.  Marx was brought up in a liberal Lutheran household, was educated at a former Jesuit school in Trier and university in Bonn and Berlin, none of them Jewish educational establishments.

In his youth, the baptised Marx was a dedicated Christian. In his graduation essay from the Trier gymnasium in 1835, his essay On the Union of the Faithful with Christ was that of an orthodox evangelical Christian. Whilst at Berlin university Marx took a course on the prophet Isaiah under Bruno Bauer the radical New Testament theologian.

Engels, with his Reformed upbringing, had a continuing fascination with Revelation from his early days as a zealous Calvinist to his later re-engagement with that work from a different perspective. In 1883 he wrote:

“Christianity got hold of the masses, exactly as modern socialism does, under the shape of a variety of sects – all opposed to the ruling system, to ‘the powers that be.’ Take, for instance, our Book of Revelation, of which we shall see that, instead of being the darkest and most mysterious, it is the simplest and clearest book of the whole New Testament… Christianity, like every great revolutionary movement, was made by the masses.”

The majority of the leadership of the Bolsheviks were not Jews, although a significant minority had Jewish ancestry, more importantly they were all atheists. It is hardly surprising that the members of a cruelly oppressed minority which laid a great stress on education should emerge as intellectual leaders of the movement which overthrew the oppressors.

Is there evidence that the Bolsheviks were financed by New York Jewish bankers?Their most influential help was from imperial Germany which wished to destroy the Russian empire.

Solzhenitsyn claimed the secret police in Kiev contained a disproportionate number of Jews. He also wrote, “But it is impossible to find the answer to the eternal question: who is to be blamed, who led us to our death? To explain the actions of the Kiev cheka only by the fact that two thirds were Jews, is certainly incorrect.”

Stalin may well have used apostate Jews in positions of power. It is also well documented that immediately prior to his death Stalin was planning a purge of Jews in the Soviet Union.

David Irving was imprisoned for Holocaust denial, this should never be considered a crime. Irving should be free to write his books and give his lectures, not because he is right but because it is only when they come into the full light of day that nauseous Nazi apologists can be exposed as the vicious fantasists they are.

Apart from his name and knowledge of his ancestry it would be difficult from his writings to say that Hobsbawm was a Jew.

But there is an interesting question behind this: Why did Hobsbawm and so many other intelligent people support and defend Stalinism?

Some like Walter Duranty and fellow journalist Lincoln Stefferts who “had seen the future, and it works” were merely immoral careerists who knew what they were doing and went ahead anyway for the sake of personal advancement amongst gullible progressives.

Others, like the Webbs were wilfully blind. They visited the USSR in the midst of repression and famine and saw freedom and plenty. That is what they wanted to see, anything else would have challenged their presuppositions forcing them to admit they were wrong. It is easier to deny reality than to change one’s entire ideological framework.

Despite their behaviour the Tribune was able to say: “ If Keir Hardie gave the British Labour movement its soul, the Webbs gave it its brains. Sidney and Beatrice Webb were the Socialist intellectuals par excellence in the crucial years of Labour’s rise to power.”

Hobsbawm, on the other hand, was merely being true to his ideological viewpoint. This was drawn not from Judaism but from the French Enlightenment. The French Enlightenment, unlike the British and American, placed godless reason above everything, including individuals.

Hobsbawm, Stalin and those other revolutionaries Hitler and Mussolini, back through Marx, the French revolution all the way to Voltaire, Diderot and of course Rousseau and the General Will, all believed in humanity in the abstract but had no time for human beings. Reason alone, without restraint, inevitably leads to ideological despotism. As Stalin said a million deaths are a mere “statistic.”

Without God there is only ideology. Hobsbawm was only being consistent.


One thought on “A JEWISH CONSPIRACY?

  1. Hobsbawm grew up Jewish in a Germany where the Nazis and their allies were systematically spreading the lie that a Jewish “stab in the back” had caused the country’s military collapse in 1918. Is it any wonder that, as a teenager the year before Hitler came to power, he should have thrown in his lot with the only political force that was confronting the Stormtroopers on the streets of Berlin? His refusal to renounce communism in later life was inexcusable: but there’s a tragic vicious circle at work here, and attitudes like those of your commenter keep it turning. Lots of good points in your response to him.

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