Western society is in deep trouble from shallow people, so call them out, don’t let them get away with it. Make a resolution today: No more patronising condescension, no more wilful distortion.

Progressives have a grip on reality as fragile as a politician’s promise, but the one thing they are very good at is propaganda. They have assumed the moral high ground and through skillfull use of the media it has entered the general consciousness that any who oppose the relentless Progressive machine are intolerant, money grubbing, hard faced bigots. The type of person who wishes to keep women in the kitchen, Blacks on the plantation and the poor in hovels working for a crust of bread and the chance to lick their master’s boots. OK, I exaggerate, but you get the picture.

On the other hand we are assured that Progressives are altruistic, tolerant, forward thinking, open minded, caring, compassionate, modernising reformers. Reality is different. The hallmark of the Progressive is condescension. Women, Blacks, the poor, they are all pitied, manipulated and exploited and are never expected to do any thinking for themselves. Their task is to gratefully accept the crumbs from the rich Progressive table.

As Orwell taught us, and Progressives have learned the lesson well, one of the most effective ways of controlling public perceptions is through the control of language.

Traditional terminology is constantly modified with resulting confusion. There have been any number of transitions – Coloured to Negro, Black, People of Colour, to African-American. Homosexual to gay, to lesbian and gay, and now the acronym, LGBT, whichever letters are added will almost invariably have “pride” tagged on somewhere. In print, gender neutral language is rigorously enforced no matter how awkward or ugly, especially in academia.

The word “racism,” exists as the ultimate accusatory tool used for proscribing thought. The current US election has revealed that we are in the midst of dog-whistle politics, that words such as ‘Chicago,’ ‘welfare queen,’ and ‘thug’ are all undercover racist terms.

The Progressives Ultimate Political Tool
The Dog Whistle

This inanity reached its peak when it was alleged that saying that Obama played golf a great deal was coded racist language that referred to Tiger Woods and his multiple infidelities, and with it the insinuation that Obama was an uppity Black playing a white man’s game. Thus according to Progressives if you point out that Obama plays golf much more than George Bush ever did you imply that Obama has an over-fondness for lingerie models, cocktail waitresses and porn actresses, and that he crashes cars into fire hydrants. You couldn’t possible be referring to the fact that he has an over-fondness for the golf links.

Is This Really Tiger Woods?

This is Progressive condescending racism. Progressives are racist to the core, to exploit race fears for political ends is racism of the worst kind. Progressives know that accusations of racism are a useful attack tool and use it at every opportunity. Accusations of dog whistle politics is nothing to do with uncovering racism, rather it cynically exploits racism.

Calling Obama the “food stamp President” because the number qualifying for food stamps under his administration has gone up was supposedly dog whistle racism. This despite the fact that more Whites receive food stamps than Blacks. This was an attempt to exploit racism in order to silence criticism of economic failure.

Accusations of dog whistle politics have two purposes. As well as being political theatre which cynically uses racial fears to exploit Blacks, it is a way of distorting anything a Traditionalist says. Last year the Progressive website Solon published a handy “Dog-Whistle Dictionary” to help its readers work out what those crazy Christians actually meant when they quote Scripture about a “city set on a hill” and other coded language.

Language policing has nothing to do with those it purports to help and is solely about feigning indignation to gain credence and to promote the sensitivity of the Progressive. It also has the added advantage of repressing free speech and shutting up Traditionalists. But then, when did Progressives ever worry about free speech?

One last thing about dog whistle politics. The whole point about dog whistles is that they can only be heard by dogs. What if you are the only one who can hear them?



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