Christians have many reasons to be thankful. One which is often neglected is that we tend not to have award dinners, at least not in the UK. This means that we are free of evenings spent eating rubber chicken whilst listening to the sycophantic serenade the self-regarding.

Let us, however, imagine that there is a Christian organisation foolish enough to give out annual awards. What would the awards be? Most Temptations Resisted or perhaps Greatest Donation Given in Secret. Who could possibly qualify for Mr Humility 2012?

Even with the wildest imagination can you conceive of a Christian organisation giving an award for Pervert of the Year? Nominees could include Elton John, Graham Norton, Peter Tatchell and Ian McKellen.

If this were to happen could you, even with your finely honed imagination, think that the BBC, the Guardian, the Independent, and the rest of the compliant media would pass it over with nary a murmur? Is it possible that we would find big businesses lining up to bankroll the event? Hardly likely.

Yet Stonewall, the homosexual advocacy organisation, is doing the equivalent. On Thursday they hold their annual awards dinner at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, tickets £115. The awards include Hero of the Year, one nominee for which is Revd Giles Fraser ex Dean of St Paul’s. There is also Politician of the Year, nominees include Nicola Sturgeon MSP and Ruth Davidson leader of the Scottish Conservatives. There are also the expected awards for, Journalist, Entertainer, Writer of the Year, amongst others. So far, so unexceptional.

Finally there is the award for Bigot of the Year. Previous winners of which have included journalists Jan Moir and Melanie Phillips. The nominees for this year are Alan Craig, Simon Lokodo, Lord Maginnis, Cardinal Keith O’Brien and Archbishop Philip Tartaglia. The comforting thing about this is to see Scotland so well represented amongst the nominees.

Melanie Phillips
Bigot of the Year 2011

Melanie Phillips has previously won the Orwell Prize in 1996. This is awarded for political writing of the highest quality. Phillips won it for her journalism.

Bizarrely enough what won Melanie Phillips the Stonewall Bigot of the Year award in 2011 was an article she wrote about the McCarthyite tendency amongst homosexual activists who demonise their opponents in an attempt to silence all who disagree with the homosexual agenda. Perhaps Stonewall just wanted to confirm her argument that homosexuals can be intolerant bigots.

We are used to the playground bullying tactics of the homosexual lobby. There is no attempt at debate, no opportunity to answer back, just strident name calling. And it works. The so careful politically correct world seems deaf to vicious slurs like ‘homophobe,’ ‘fascist,’ and ‘bigot,’ as long as the victim is a Christian or someone who upholds traditional morality.

It is well known that Nick Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister, thinks those opposed to homosexual marriage are bigots. But then, he is a Lib Dem and we don’t expect any better from them.

What is interesting about the Stonewall awards is that they are bankrolled by leading UK businesses amongst which are Barclays Bank, Coutts Bank (owned by RBS), Price Waterhouse and Coopers, and Google. Some of the UK’s leading businesses are openly subsidising intolerance.

Businesses are driven by profit and loss and homosexuals, due to their lifestyle, have greater amounts of disposable income than the rest of us. Perhaps the Marxists are right and capitalism doesn’t give a fig for morality as long as there is profit to be made somewhere.


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