Progressives have a relationship with reason and truth as elastic as a lawyer’s conscience. Consider reactions to differing groups taking political action.

As expected there has been a reaction to the campaign by Christians and traditionalists against Stonewall’s Bigot of the Year award to be presented tonight. There is nothing unusual in that, to return to Casablanca it is merely the usual suspects letting off steam.

The issue was discussed this morning on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. As usual the BBC practised even handedness after their own definition. There were two guests discussing the issue, one of whom thought Stonewall did “absolutely fabulous work.” To achieve balance the other contributor argued that Barclays and Coutts had got their decision all wrong.

On the Independent newspaper’s website Archie Bland described Christians as being involved in a “vile campaign.” Elsewhere, those who wrote to the banks concerned were accused of belonging to “an extremist Christian group.” Of course “fascist,” the usual technical term used by Progressives to try to shut up any who disagree with them, has been in use.

Yet when Progressives instigate a boycott this is seen as taking a principled stance. When arts organisations are called on to boycott or disinvite Israeli organisations and artists this is supposedly an expression of compassion and an example of Progressive moral superiority.

At the end of August a group of luvvies attempted to stop performances by the Baksheva dance troupe at the Edinburgh Festival because Baksheva are an Israeli group. A coterie of Scottish writers headed by Scotland’s national poet Liz Lochhead  and including novelist Iain Banks and short story writer AL Kennedy even wrote to the press calling for a cultural boycott of all Israeli companies and artists.

Liz Lochhead

Earlier this year, actress Emma Thompson and assorted others who make a living playing make believe sought to have the Israeli theatre company Habima banned from taking part in an international Shakespeare festive at the Globe Theatre in London.

Emma Thompson

Their argument was that Baksheva and Habima had small subsidies from the Israeli government and to allow them to perform would be to show support for Israel’s “apartheid” policies.

Lochhead, Thompson and just about every other writer, actor and actress in the UK has willingly received government grants and subsidies in some form through the largesse of the British taxpayer. They incessantly moan if there is a hint of a threat to their subsidies. Should we boycott their work because reading Liz Lochhead’s poems or watching Emma Thompson act would be showing support for Britain’s use of drones in Afghanistan?

It is supposedly “vile” when Christians object to being called bigots for holding views which have prevailed for 2,000 years and have been taught by every major religious leader before Giles Fraser. Yet it is showing compassion when middle class youths and middle aged protesters don a keffiyeh and disrupt city centres in support of Palestinian terrorist organisations.


Actually that is compassionate in the same way that blacking up at a civil rights march in Alabama in the 60’s would have been compassionate.

At heart logic or just plain consistency has no meaning for the Progressive because for them objective truth has no meaning. What matters to Progressives is emotion. This is why so many of their heroes and role models are in the entertainment business.

Those in the entertainment business are overwhelmingly Progressive and it is not because of intelligence. What actors and writers do for a living is attempt to get inside the skin of a character, to feel as they feel, so that they can present the character to an audience. Good writers and performers, such as Lochhead and Thomson, do this very well, unfortunately they have difficulty stopping. They have training and experience and are immersed in only one line of work – make believe.

A pound to a penny every time some faux compassionate Progressive thespian such as Susan Sarandon or Sean Penn gets up to lecture us on the evils of the West they will say “I feel…” This is not just a semantic trifle, for the Progressive thinking or reasoning takes second place to feeling. For the Progressive the heart always rules the head. Reason and logic are seen as barriers to the “truth” of emotion.

Unfortunately emotion is always easier to manipulate than reason. The real world requires more than make believe compassion, it requires actual truth.


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