Congratulations are due to Cardinal Keith O’Brien leader of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien

Last night Cardinal O’Brien was declared winner of Stonewall’s Bigot of the Year award. We may differ theologically but he is obviously doing something right to be singled out for attack by the extremist, intolerant organisation.

Despite Keith O’Brien’s win all is not all is well in Scotland. Scotland’s SNP government is determined to force through the Scottish Parliament a bill legalising homosexual marriage no matter what the people of Scotland think. All five parties represented in Parliament support this move. Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservatives, won Stonewall’s Politician of the Year award.

The “Yes” campaign for homosexual marriage in Scotland is being led by the Equality Network. For the Equality Network the “N” in Non-Governmental Organisation is redundant as it receives almost its entire funding from the public purse. The Equality Network is in effect an arm for the implementation of governmental policy.

The Equality Network receives funding from the Scottish Government Equality Unit for five projects: LGBT Sector Building, Policy, Information, Scottish Transgender Alliance, and the Intersectional (Disability/LGBT) project.

Their Everyone IN minority ethnic/LGBT project is funded by the Equality and Human Rights Commission of the UK government. In the UK Parliament all three main parties support homosexual marriage.

Equality Network’s Transgender Transition Support project is funded by the Big Lottery Fund. There is also support from the Lottery’s Award for All programme for research into LGBT issues in sport.

The Equality Network also receives funding from the European Commission Grundtvig programme for participation in a partnership sharing knowledge about minority ethnic LGBT issues across Europe.

We can see less overt governmental influence with the Bigot of the Year awards themselves. When first approached by the Catholic Herald regarding Stonewall’s Bigot of the Year award Barclay’s bank, an independent business reliant upon its customers, immediately denied any connection with the bigot award and said they did not support such an award. Coutts bank, which is 84% government owned, were initially unapologetic and stressed that they “valued diversity.”

The campaign against homosexual marriage is led by the Coalition 4 Marriage. How much state funding does it get? If your answer is somewhere between 0% and 0% you stand a good chance of being right.

Social engineering on the massive scale we are seeing today corrupts democracy. The fact that such funding comes from the taxpayer, the majority of whom are ambivalent towards or opposed to homosexual marriage, matters not a whit to the anointed. Homosexual marriage has become a shibboleth of the elite and their views must prevail.

Opposition to homosexual marriage has become much more than a discussion as to whether or not homosexuals should marry. Due to the massive manipulation by politicians and media it has become a matter of democracy itself.

When the only parties likely to be elected all support a contentious policy, when they throw considerable funding to one side in the argument, when the media present propaganda for that side, we have to ask how healthy our democracy is.


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