Realists become Christians, Progressives remain animists. Christians worship the God of the Bible. Progressives worship whales, bush babies and badgers; in fact any available animal will do as long as it has a good PR image. Redwoods, ash trees and other examples of vegetation and slices of land are also suitable objects of progressive adulation. This is probably because progressives wish to protect their intellectual equals.

The Ash Tree
“Spiritual, Sacred and Numinous”

Included in this are Progressive Christians. When push comes to shove you will invariably find that it is not the “Progressive” part which ends up under the bus. On BBC Radio4’s Sunday programme yesterday Martin Palmer secretary general of the Alliance of Religions and Conservation solemnly assured us that “Christianity recognised the spirituality, the sacred, the numinous power of the ash tree.” Palmer, as well as being a frequent contributor to the BBC, is evidently leader of the Church of England’s Druid wing.

When dealing with progressives remember that we are not talking Kant and Kierkegaard, we are dealing with circus clowns and the Keystone Cops. Christians are calm, down to earth folk who look at the evidence and decide to go for a coherent set of beliefs which correspond with reality. Progressives are so deeply into their faith that they will believe anything, at times progressives make David Icke appear rational.

Progressives Debate Homophobia In The Workplace

The poor souls are deeply confused. When Christians question what is on screen progressives laugh at us and say that showing hardcore porn and violence does no harm because television and films don’t influence people; at the same time they spend billions of pounds, dollars, euros, yen, wampum and every conceivable currency on political advertising and propaganda in order to influence people. Except of course in the case of the BBC where the taxpayer ponies up for the political and cultural propaganda.

A major sign indicating progressive cognitive malfunction is that they have absolute moral certainty on issues of great moral complexity. Abortion, homosexual marriage, sharia law, welfare provision, multiculturalism; on these issues and a laundry list of others there can never be any questioning of the party line.

At the same time they accuse Christians of being moralistic, as though that were a bad thing. Christians have a moral code which has lasted 2,000 years and which produces happy individuals and stable communities. Progressives have moral absolutes which last until the next Guardian editorial and which produce conflicted individuals and disintegrating communities.

For progressives the only actual bad thing about sex is that it might lead to babies, which is why progressives have promoted abortion on demand to solve that problem. Initially we were assured that abortion reform would make abortion, “Safe, legal and rare.” Well, one out of three is above average for progressives.

Progressives have a complete conviction that nothing is actually “wrong,” that would be to condemn vulnerable individuals. The strongest word of condemnation available to the progressive is “inappropriate.” On this weekend’s Any Questions on BBC Radio 4 Lib Dem MP Chris Bryant spoke of “Dennis MacShane’s “misfortune,” and his “terrible error.”

Denis MacShane

MacShane is the ex-BBC journalist, ex Labour Minister for Europe and now ex-Labour MP who has been described by the Standards and Privileges committee of the Commons as having committed “the gravest” breach of expenses they have encountered and which should be viewed with “the utmost gravity.”

Amongst his other “errors” MacShane claimed on invoices signed by a non-existent general manager, there were also claims from an organisation known only to MacShane’s admittedly creative imagination. This was not a slip of the pen, especially not at least nineteen slips of the pen. The Commons committee described MacShane’s actions as “plainly intended to deceive.” 

This was not an “error,” terrible or otherwise, it was obtaining money by false pretences, forgery and fraud. Things which normal people usually refer to as crimes. This was not MacShane’s “misfortune,” it was the misfortune of the British public who had to stump up for MacShane’s imaginative accounting practices and who have had trust in our political institutions chipped away once again by the entitled progressive elite.

It is also the misfortune of people throughout the West that progressives are steadily reducing to cultural rubble that which took centuries to build up.


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