So, its another four years of Obama, probably the most anti-British president for nearly a century. Pro marijuana and homosexual marriage ballots also won. It appears inevitable that as Europe grows culturally increasing like America that America is increasingly becoming like Europe politically. Pity it couldn’t be the other way around.

One endearing thing about the popular political culture of the USA is the preponderance of bumper stickers and buttons. Probably the best political slogan and button of all time is that of Republican state senator Saunders Norvell of Minnesota campaigning in 1903.

The Ideal Political Slogan – Admirably Succinct and Vague

It is not quite true that having a bumper sticker or button is a sign of an unexamined life, but it can be seriously doubted that if your car has a bumper sticker there is a good chance that you also have a copy of Critique of Pure Reason in the glove compartment.

Having a bumper sticker, or practicing politics by slogan, is not by any means confined to progressives. They do, however, have such an inflated sense of their own intellectual abilities that one wonders why they should advertise their lack of reasoning power so blatantly.

Assuming, as they do, that they occupy the moral high ground and seizing any chance to look down on normal people a great many progressive slogans involve peace. This confirms their sincerely held conviction that they are ethically superior to normal people. Non-progressives are unenlightened and therefore unless held in check are liable to outbursts of irrational violence; progressives are on the side of the angels, that is if they actually believed angels existed.

A one time neighbour of ours, an Anglican priestess, had a bumper sticker proclaiming “War is not the answer.” If the question is, “It’s a rainy Saturday afternoon, what will we do?” then she was right, “Invade Poland,” is not an appropriate answer.

However, what if the question is, “There is a psychopath who with his gang of murderous cronies has taken over his own country, is bent on enslaving Europe, and seeks to subjugate us as well, what will we do?” As we approach Remembrance Day it may be well for progressives to reflect that in September 1939 we probably got the answer right , and isn’t the world glad that we did.

Another meaningless slogan chanted by the mindless and plastered on cars and baby buggies is “Give peace a chance.” Written by John Lennon during his Bed-In with Yoko Ono in Montreal in 1969 this represents the height of progressive geo-political sophistication. For the progressive it is hard to argue with a dead Beatle, the nearest thing to martyred sainthood they can imagine.

Bull Run 1861, Dunkirk 1940, Singapore 1942, Chosin Reservoir 1952, how would things have turned out if at those points the decision was to “Give peace a chance”? The problem progressives have with the world is that reality insists on intruding.

The most egregious sticker of all is the co-exist image. Not content with being intellectually vacuous it avidly embraces the Chamberlain position. The only purpose this serves is to enable progressives to feel good about themselves. They see themselves as above the fray of competing civilisations where people who actually believe different things, sometimes contradictory things, continue to choose to disagree. What a bummer logic is.

The crazy thing is that if you are genuinely interested in peaceful co-existence you have already made a decision for the West with its Christian based codes of behaviour. The ayatollahs are not noted for their heart warming commitment to peaceful co-existence, turning the other cheek and rubbing along together doesn’t get a big play in the Koran.

Radical Islam wishes to destroy everything the progressive values; the rights to homosexual sodomy, killing unborn babies, and drawing cartoons, as well trifling things normal people hold dear  like the rule of personal conscience and democracy.

The Arab Spring so beloved of progressives has produced its own slew of slogans.

Perhaps an alternative slogan could be “One woman – her husband’s other vote”.

Progressives are already in the midst of conflict, they just don’t want to admit it in case they have to get their hands dirty. Unfortunately fuzzy warm bumper stickers just won’t cut it.


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