Sometimes the question arises as to whether the reaction of progressives to what is posted on this blog is a matter of concern. The simple answer is: No.

The slightly expanded answer is: If you cannot see crimson faces, bulging eyeballs and foam flecked lips then you are not really trying.

“This Time You’ve Gone Too Far”

The longer answer is that it simply goes with the territory. It is impossible to comment with clarity on any subject from the point of view of social conservatism without arousing the splenetic ire of progressives. This is not because realists are cruel hateful people, or as progressives invariably call us, ‘fascists’. Rather it is because progressives eagerly embrace victimhood.

They own victimhood, it is their chief tool, their schtick, their signature behaviour, their raison d’etre, the very air they breathe. Scratch a progressive and you will find someone who is a victim, who patronises victims or who manipulates victims, they love it.

In the UK progressives are in charge of both main serious parties, plus the Lib Dems. They control the broadcast media and the acting profession. They control, or heavily influence, practically all of the now failing print media. They hold the levers of power in the major Christian denominations. They dominate the social work departments of every local council. They are on their own territory in university common rooms and school staff rooms. Yet they focus on being victims, or encouraging others to see themselves as victims.

In part this is an immense ego trip. Progressives have an intense narcissistic need to see themselves as ‘champions of the oppressed’, therefore there is a constant need to find and maintain oppressed groups of people to champion. If none can be found they can always be manufactured.

This is especially so in the entertainment industry. Film stars, actors or ‘celebrities’ lead such vacuous lives filled with adulation and guilt inducing levels of money that they have a yearning to be seen as serious deeply caring individuals. There are never going to be enough victims to satisfy their need to be seen as something other than actors. Caring for the victim is their ultimate self-affirming feel good factor.

For politicians the discovery of a new victim group is the creation of a ready pool of voters who owe their allegiance to those political parties seen as caring, compassionate and a ready source of stuff. The recent election in the USA illustrates this point. Every minority group which is constantly assured that it is a victim of a heartless society voted in the main for Obama.

The ‘victims’ themselves get a great deal out of it. If you are a victim then you never have to be responsible for the deep doo doo you are in, it is always the fault of someone else. This means that you can always occupy the moral high ground and be forever entitled to sympathy, and of course stuff. In politics tears triumph over reason every time.

More, the victim can maintain a sense of burning indignation at being an innocent who has been unjustly wronged by an uncaring society. They never have to do anything personally to alleviate their situation, it is always the job of either the oppressor to make compensation or of society to support you. Admit it, that is a pretty attractive deal to many.

How then to become a victim? Nothing easier. If you are addicted to anything at all you are likely to be a victim. If you are a convicted criminal you are likely to be reacting to the poverty created by the wealth creators in society. Best of all, and easiest of all, if your feelings are hurt by someone, either intentionally or unintentionally, you are a sure fire guaranteed 100% genuine victim. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will get me preferentially treatment and ample compensation.

It is equally easy to fall into the group of oppressors. They include white heterosexual males, business men and women, capitalists of any kind especially bankers, the military, rich people generally, the police, any authority figure, Jews and of course Christians.

If you are a biblical Christian who tries to hold to and promote the traditional values which have lasted 2,000 years and provide the foundations and stable structure of the society progressives are eagerly dismantling you would be termed the spawn of Satan, if only they believed Satan existed.

Muslims have it both ways. They can oppress homosexuals, be anti-Semitic, practice FGM on their young girls, forced marriages and honour killing on the slightly older girls and keep their older women in monolingual ghettoes. They can deny free speech, institute fatwas, call for the death penalty for those who insult their prophet and explode themselves on buses and tube trains killing dozens of innocent travellers. At the same time progressives will ‘understand their anger’ and see them as victims of an oppressive racist society. You have to admire the way these guys manage to walk both sides of the street.

So, no it doesn’t concern me that progressives get irate, that is like being concerned because ducks quack. What does bug me is that the progressive use of victimhood as a personal and political tool sidelines the real victims.

Those men, women and children who encounter disease, tragedy, natural disaster, appalling accidents, the worst vicissitudes of life; and refuse to bow down before them. There are countless unacknowledged people whose lives are interrupted by all too real tragedy and who take personal responsibility for their own lives and get on and exceed all expectations, even their own. These people should be honoured, not ignored or patronised.

People who get upset because occasionally an anti-sobriety activist is called an alcoholic are not worth bothering about.


3 thoughts on “PROGRESSIVE IRE

  1. Here’s to insomniac Scot’s Calvinists – fulminations like this are rare and welcome – let there be more.

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