Those wicked Israelis. 5274 rockets have been launched from Gaza at southern  Israel since 2006. After suffering more than 800 missile and mortar attacks from Hamas terrorists this year, after suffering 116 rockets and 55 mortar shells in 92 separate attacks in October, after suffering more than 120 missiles fired at Israeli civilians this week alone, Israel, in a surgical strike, finally targeted the military commander of Hamas who had ordered the terrorist attacks. Those wicked Israelis.

Terrorists In Gaza Prepare To Launch Rockets

Israel had warned that if the indiscriminate attacks continued there would be an inevitable reprisal. When Israel did respond her action was of course greeted with cries of “a massive escalation of the situation around Gaza.” There are no prizes for guessing that this was the opinion of a BBC commentator and was approvingly quoted in the Guardian. We can be sure that whatever atrocity the terrorists now enact will be reported in the Western media as an inevitable, if regrettable, response to Israeli aggression.

There is no moral equivalency between those who launch indiscriminate terrorist attacks on civilians and those who try to defend themselves. The leaders of Hamas, designated a terrorist entity by European governments, should face charges of war crimes for indiscriminate attacks on Israeli civilians and for using Palestinian civilians as human shields against Israeli strikes.

Rockets Launched Against Israel From Gaza

The security levels gained by Israel on its southern border in the 2009 Cast Lead operation have disappeared, largely due to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Hamas, along with Islamic Jihad and other radical factions, encouraged by the rise of fellow Islamists in the Middle East and a new powerful backer in Cairo, have increasingly tried to prevent the Israelis from carrying out vital security measures in the Gaza border. A few days ago four Israeli soldiers were wounded when their jeep was attacked by an anti-tank missile imported to Gaza from Iran.

In order to personify this situation to make it easier for the media to report someone has to wear a black hat and Benjamin Netanyahu is elected. Yet it is Netanyahu and his government who have taken risky steps to ease relations with Gaza, and been rebuffed.

Shortly after the interception off the Gaza coast of the deliberately provocative international flotilla starring terrorist tourists on the Mavi Marmara in July 2010 Netanyahu made the decision to ease the blockade. This was no easy decision to make.

In order to ease the situation Netanyahu took a risk which resulted in Hamas being given a propoganda victory. This is the same Hamas which has adamantly refused to meet any of the three threshold terms set by the international Quartet; to recognize Israel, to forswear terrorism and to accept previously signed agreements.

What did Netanyahu get in return for trying to ease the situation? Ever more rocket attacks on Israeli civilians.

Israel’s government has a moral obligation to protect its citizens from terrorist acts. If Israel failed to do all in its power to provide residents in the South with protection from radical Islam inspired terrorism, it would have failed in its responsibilities.

Would any European government allow the level of attack Israel has endured without response? Unfortunately too many in the West, including our own government, are willing to allow Hamas and other groups to launch attacks on Israel without effective intervention. All too often Israel’s legitimate military operations in reaction to murderous attacks from Gaza are portrayed and accepted as acts of unprovoked aggression.

Hamas needs to be worried by more than the Israeli military. Israel once again has proved that its intelligence capabilities in Gaza are superb, not only by targeting the head of the rocket launching machine, Ahmed Jabari, but also by removing most of Hamas’s long-range underground rocket launchers in the first wave of air strikes. Hamas commanders must be asking just how many Palestinians are actively helping Israel.



    1. It should be noted that two Israeli soldiers were found guilty in 2010 by an Israeli military court of using two Palestinian boys to check bags they suspected were terrorist booby traps.

      When we read of Palestinian terrorists being charged by Hamas or Islamic Jihad for using their own people as human shields then we might begin to think about moral equivalency.

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