It is not often that this blog refers to Freud with approval. It does so today because Freud is an A List progressive guru. It is easy to see why. He taught that: 1. It is all about sex, 2. Your parents are to blame, 3. Religion screws people up. Freud therefore ticked all three of the most important boxes for the infantile progressive (please forgive the tautology).

Amongst the many ideas Freud dreamed up was that of narcissism, not just as an over healthy self-regard but as a developed pathology. This concept was later developed by Erich Fromm and Otto Kernberg into the personality disorder known as malignant narcissism.

Your common or garden narcissist bigs himself up, feels really good about himself, and thinks that the world is so much better because of his presence, just think of … (fill in the name of your favourite televangelist). He can love his wife and children and take thorns from the paws of animals, its just that he can also be snobby, inconsiderate and obnoxious. He is not, however, a conscienceless predator.

The malignant narcissist is a different kettle of neurosis. The malignant narcissist can only big himself up by tearing others down. He does not actually feel good about himself, rather he seeks to feel good about himself by demonstrating that others are worse than him. He thinks he can obtain grandeur by negative means, by taking it away from others. This is more than a personality trait, the malignant narcissist has a disordered, a dysfunctional personality.

Hurting people is not something the malignant narcissist does by accident, it is not an unintended consequence of well meaning actions: it is how the malignant narcissist lives.

They affirm themselves by denigrating others. An example of this widespread progressive tendency is the decision by Rotherham Borough Council to remove three children from foster parents because the carers were members of UKIP.

The couple, the husband works with disabled people the wife is a nursery nurse, have been foster parents for seven years, during this time they have cared for about a dozen children none of whom came to any harm. In an emergency placement the couple took on three children from a troubled family with a minority ethnic background, a baby girl, a boy and an older girl. The children thrived, the baby put on weight, the older girl began to call her foster parents Mum and Dad. Everyone was happy.

Except the Rotherham Borough Council that is. Cue shock and horror, they received an anonymous tip off that the foster parents were members of UKIP. UKIP are a mainstream political party which challenges the multicultural orthodoxy which rules in progressive thought, therefore they are racist, or so runs the progressive thinking of Rotherham Borough Council. If you dissent from his orthodoxy you are ipso facto evil to the progressive malignant narcissist.

The foster carers had been described as ‘exemplary.’ The children were thriving under their care. The children were happy. None of this mattered. The progressives had to step in and project themselves as defenders of the powerless.

This whole sad incident is not about the political attitudes of the foster parents, it is certainly not about the welfare of the children, it is about the self image of  progressives. They can only feel good about themselves by pulling others down.

Progressivism is not just a cultural stance, it is not just a political philosophy. Progressivism is a pathology.



  1. Thought provoking for one’s own narcissist tendencies! An interesting book on this subject is ‘People of The Lie’ by the psychiatrist M Scott Peck. It is rather an alarming read but memorable.

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